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Prep for Door Down the Hall

Preparations for going through a door in Achoria that led to the Gruagach. 11/12/10 ~Aven


Tomorrow I intend to arrive early, and attempt to glean information or to fill in the gaps of my current knowledge. I would encourage you all to do the same. We can, thus, meet and talk again in person rather than through the "homing pigeons".

I would especially like to talk to the other Defenders.
Unfortunately, I am uncertain any missives from the special pigeons Johan trained have reached Yume. If anyone else is capable of reaching them, please do so and please find out if they will be there. I would like to try and get us five as organized as possible as soon as possible.

In Service,



I agree with Freesia and think that those that are able attempt to do so. As we will be in Achoria, specifically Derkhealden, which is my Keep and home for those uninformed, I will arrange a place where we can sit down and talk. If we can fit everyone in my office we can speak there, otherwise I can find somewhere else we can get together. I look forward to seeing everyone on the morrow.

-Valas Baneshot
Lord of Achoria
Lord of Blackwood

Freesia, I should be able to get in contact with Yume.



To clarify: I do mean I wish that we all meet. Every one of us. Not just the Defenders.


Hello All.
I know that most of the defenders and dreamers are meeting, and any other counsel members are invited.
As one of the Druids, I do know that I will not be able to attend. I am fairly certain that Yume won't be able to either.
I will find out the specifics on her.
With hope of Light,
~カズキ リュウ ~ Kazuki Ryu


I don't believe we've met. You weren't at the meeting at the Black and White, were you? How long have you been involved with the Druids and the Counselors in general?

I ask not to accuse you, just become familiar with you. I also know very little about Yume, and would love to hear more about her too.


Due to the style of my name, the address is Ryu.
It is ok, I understand the mixup. I find that many people make this mistake since I have come to the realms. So, pelase do not worry, no need to apologize.

As to my involvement, I first received the invitation at Demonic Invasion.
I didn't really understand what was going on until Queen of Hearts and later at Folkestone.
No, I was not able to make it to Black and White. I have been quite busy with my own personal matters as of late.
There is very little I know to the whole situation. The only things I do know is who is involved, Phee, Yume, Laraunte Ect.
I will contact Yume and have her send a missive. I think she would be more than happy to explain what she knows and who she is.
If for some reason, I am out of contact and I am needed, you can have Phee relay a message.

As to my own sort of concern/curiosity, who are the other druids? The other counselor members involved?
I have been wanting to find out what has been going on, what is being asked of me and what we need to do, but...
I have been away and out of contact.

May peace Guide us,
Kazuki Ryu


Thank you for the correction. I have seen names like yours before (are you Teng Huanese?) but I wasn't sure if you had adopted the Western style of naming.

Hopefully, you have been able to read some of the information that has been flying back and forth. There is a good deal to know, that is probably easier to relay in person, but the general story (forgive me if I over-simplify, I just want to ensure that you get the basic facts) is that Faerie needs its counselors. After the First Age (please refer to the letter a sent a while back about the First Age), Maeb's Counselors were gone and Titania picked her own. Now that Titania is off the throne and Nimbus is queen, she also needs her Counselors to protect her and advise her. This is very urgent both because the threat of Bedlam is continuing to increase at an alarming rate and because the queen herself is dying, I believe from the Bedlam taint inside her. We have only 24 moons (it might be 23 at this point), to find new Counselors if we have any hope of saving her. I have explained the position in that letter about the First Age; let me know if you need/want me to send a copy to you. As always, if anyone else would like to elaborate, please do. I'm just rushing around before Ged and I go to Achoria and I'm slightly anxious about what the day will bring.

As far as I know, Rel and Riduku are the other ones on the path of the Druid. Janus was at one point, but I believe that he has since stepped back. Someone else will have to confirm this, though.

Hope I could help; I will be glad to explain more later. Will you be at Uncle Cecil's? There will be people who can talk there, myself included.

I have not stepped down from the path of the druid.

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