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Orado's Letter to the Realms

Type of Missve: Letter
Date: 10/25/10
Responses: None
People of the Realms,
For those unconcerned with long paragraphs: The Gruagach is going down. Contact me if you have information or want to help.
At this past Black and White, during Court, Yohan spoke of the Gruagach. I had not fully realized the gravity of the situation until his words; however I have already begun to plot this monster’s destruction. I had heard stories of this monster from before I came to the Realms, but it has become apparent that it still threatens this land. When I learned of its existence as a result of a dream, I sought more information.
I learned it had been banished once before… But it has returned, just as much of a threat. It is when I learned this that I made it a personal mission to destroy this monster. Clearly, banishment is not going to solve this problem permanently. I have already asked a Seer to look into the matter for me, and am willing to share such information. It shall also be posted within the Library of Ivory.
I call upon those with information on this monster and those who wish to aid me in this task to contact me as soon as possible. I seek both to develop a common pool of knowledge such that the Gruagach may be destroyed and those who would help me do so. Know that I do this not for personal glory, but because I want it dead as much as the rest of you. The reward for its death is that it is dead.
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