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November 6th, 1009

Ged tossed and turned in his bed, attempting to get to sleep early before the eleventh hour, falling into a fitful rest.
It's chilly outside (although the day was quite nice), and yet with the mists coming off the fields from yesterday's rains, the young fae elf's heart is filled with unease as he descended into bed. Thoughts of his leader and Rua Tharr Cinn's future on his mind.

...That is, until, he hears a snap.
A pause... nothing. Turns over.
Another snap.
A low chanting starts to fills Ged's ears, very faint.

Aire! Gruagach! Aire! Gruagach!

The snapping continues as a hiss and hot air are blown onto Ged's face, humid and rancid-stenched.
He turns over quickly, in time to see snapping jaws and a giant maw.
And then he woke up. The clock in Rel's home chimed very loudly with one bong.
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