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Knights of Eagle's Rook

Knighthood/Order: Knights of Eagle's Rook
Date founded: Year 993
Knight Commander: Sir Vawn Coupant of Eagle's Rook

Knight Commanders:

Sir Gunnar Artaec Guthrevnes
Sir Myriel
Sir Pyr Thalax
Sir Vawn Coupant (current)

The Code of Eagle's Rook:

I shall tread only upon the paths of honor, for a true knight knows no other way.

I shall harbor neither fear nor self-doubt, for there is nothing I cannot accomplish.

I shall be true to myself, in word and in deed, in spirit and in arms.

These are the Knights of Eagle's Rook:

Sir Vawn Coupant
Sir Adara Aleilah
Sir Mikail Strelnikov
Sir Hermian Delon

Dame Anne (inactive)
Sir Gonf (inactive)
Sir Gunnar Artaec Guthrevnes (deceased)
Sir Myriel (inactive)


Draco - Squired to Sir Vawn
Liselle Silvermaple - Squired to Sir Vawn
Balthazar Valimar - Squired to Sir Adara
Jace Moonshadow - Squired to Sir Vawn (on sabbatical in the Neo-Hellenic Isles)
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