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Knights of Chaos

Knighthood/Order: Knights of Chaos
Date founded: pre-1992 (created in Mid-Realms in 1984, then carried to the Realms)
Knight Commander: Sir Corrinth
The Knights of Chaos were founded by Kugan in 1984 in Mid-Realms (a system that was incorporated into Realms when it was originally formed), that he continued to claim when he joined Realms.

Heraldry of Order: A Chaos Wheel in the Knights choice of color on a black background.

Tenets or Code of Order (public version):

• Question the status quo. See if it still applies.
• Don’t stagnate. Continually strive to improve yourself and those around you.
• Do not be afraid to act. A bad decision is always better than no decision.
• Walk your own path. Don't conform for conformity's sake.
• Own your actions. Respect is earned, not given.
• Have a sense of humor. None of us are getting out alive anyway.

· Sir Kugan (inactive)

· Sir Arkadyne (inactive)

· Sir Cinnabar (inactive)

· Sir Trent

· Phoenix

· Sir Corrinth

· Sir Rillan

· Sir Quayloth

· Rubis, Squire to Phoenix


First there was Kugan, who claimed the title of Knight of Chaos prior to coming to our lands and continued to do so. Arkadyne, the Bishop of the Church of Chaos, approached Kugan with the idea to unite the church and the knighthood. Kugan agreed and in 1992 Kugan knighted Arkadyne and combined the two institutions.

Next came Cinnabar, who was squired to Arkadyne. This was the first seemingly traditional KoC squiring. After years of service in 1996, Cinnabar asked the Chaos God, Arioch, "what do I have to do to be Knighted?" Arioch gave Cinnabar the 'wink and the nod' (thus starting that tradition) and Cinnabar killed Arkadyne and declared himself a Knight, ending his squireship.

Post Kugan leaving our lands, Cinnabar and Arkadyne had philosophical differences and split the Knighthood into Knights Millitant, currently the Knights of Chaos, and Knights Templar, the Church of Chaos, and severed the relationship between the two groups.

Trent was the next Knight. He too obtained his title through bloodshed. Although he hadn't squired he killed Cinnabar and declared himself a knight in 1999.

Phoenix followed a more traditional path to Knighthood squiring to Cinnabar for a year prior to being knighted at Queen of Hearts 2002.

Corrinth also squired to Cinnabar but grew tired of the process and killed Cinnabar and claimed the title of Knight later in 2002.

Rillan was yet another squire of Cinnabar's. After multiple years of traditional squireship, he was Knighted at Queen of Hearts 2003.

Quayloth knighting was the result of an error. He had squired to Trent prior to Trent taking a break from adventuring. It 2011, the other Knights became confused and thought he had been Knighted and began to refer to him as a Knight of Chaos. Quayloth did not correct their mistake. Post realizing it, the group opted to let him retain the title.

As you can see there are few commonalities in the path traveled to become a Knight of Chaos. Some Knights were not squired at all while others were for years. Titles have been bestowed, taken, and received in error. While there have been multiple times that the title has been obtained via murder, it is important to note that simply doing so would not earn one the title were the group to not feel that the individual doing so warranted it.
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