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Knights of the Realms

It is rare that one is raised to such a station, the highest order and knighthood anywhere; that is a Knight of the Realms.

From Sir Duncan of Rhiassa, 1005: "The first Knights of the Realms were created by Prince Robert II (Prince Bob) at or near the start of the "Glenndale Era", when the biggest annual event was his Duke of Glenndale Tournaments held on his parents' farm... they were chosen from the greatest role models and the pillars of the community, and were endowed with the ability to shrug off one death blow per event. The expectation was that this power was to be used in defense of the Crown and the Realms, and that no upstanding Knight would ever use their "Knightly Blow" in tourney. Knights of the Realms were seen as defenders of the Realms...and pillars of the community..."

Current Knight Commander: Sir Alexander Cecil of Chimeron

Currently Active Knights:
Sir AEston Stromgate, of Rhiassa
Sir Magus Alexander Cecil, of Chimeron
Sir Vawn Coupant, of Eagle's Rook
Dame Phoenix, of Folkestone
[Sean Veale] Sir Wil Craven McKrye, of Chimeron
Sir Kerrell (his majesty King K), of Blackwood
Sir Iawen Penn-Nosetti, of Eagle's Rook


1019: Sir Iawen Penn-Nosetti of Eagle's Rook accepted at the Feast of Leviathan (Sir Vawen, Sir AEston, Sir Wil, Dame Phoenix, and His Majesty King Sir Kerrell stood and presented at that time).

1016: Sir Kerrell (King K of Blackwood) accepted at the Feast of Blackwood (Sir Vawn, Sir AEston, Sir Wil, and His Majesty Alexander Cecil stood and presented at that time).

1015: Sir Wil McKrye was asked, but Sean Veale was the only acceptance.

1014: Dame Phoenix

1013: Sir Vawn Coupant

Sir AEston Stromgate
Sir Alexander Cecil

Sir Pyr

Sir Blade
Sir Tetch

Sir Mahkta McKrye

Sir Jarrod Marshalle of Folkestone

Sir Randall the Light(Korik)

Sir Callin of Folkestone

Sir Duncan - The first Knight of the Eternal Flame to be chosen to become a Knight of the Realms.
Prince Eth
Aaron Addison

Meg - Was a Non-KoEF to be knighted as a Knight of the Realms. Her knighting also caused the 'split' of Knights of the Eternal Flame from Knights of the Realms.

Sir Isore
Sir BS
Sir Kugen of Mirkshaw - Kugen was briefly the Knight Commander of the order near the end of his participation in the Realms. He left the order and appointed a non-KoR, Emperor Stonedragon, as the Knight Commander as a way of insulting the order.
Emperor Stonedragon - *not an actual Knight of the Realms

Sir Taurdehel - first Knight Commander of the Knights of the Realms. Became Knight Errant when the Eternal Flame and Realms split off from each other.
Sir Tristan
Dame Gil - Put down her knightly belt later in life.
Sir Highrider
Sir Aaron
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