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Knights of the Crown

Knighthood/Order: Knights of the Crown
Date founded: March 21, 992
Knight Commander: Dame Faelinn Shadowmoon
The Knights of the Crown were formed with the purpose of protecting the crown of Coventry and doing the right thing when called to action.

Knight Commanders

Sir Shane Cambuel
Sir McKrye
Sir Matthew Alexander Tobias
Sir Hall
Sir Amergin
Dame Faelinn Shadowmoon

Tenents of the Order:

- Do the right thing. Even if others would oppose you; even if it may cost you your life, make sure that it is done.
- Strive to do no evil through action or inaction.

These are the Knights of the Crown:

Sir Meerkat
Sir Callin of Folkestone
Sir Amergin
Sir Rel Zhirah
Dame Faelinn Shadowmoon
Sir Laika en'Naur
Sir Rekeese

Sir McKrye (inactive)
Sir Rebecca Silver (inactive)
Sir Shane (ascended)
Sir Daniel Roseblade (ascended)
Sir Lars (ascended)
Sir Bane (inactive)
Sir Cain (inactive)
Sir Chan Ottokar (not in good standing)

Sir Hall (NPC)
Sir Robert (NPC)
Sir Matthew (NPC)

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