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The Old and The New

Queen Mab's Group, also called at times 'The First Age':

Fire & Earth: Rel, the Druid, The Healer
Earth & Water: Gwydion, the Inventor, The Historian
Water & Sky: Nimbus, The Protector, The Defender, The Hand-maiden, The Warrior
Sky & Space: Masks, The Entertainer, The Dreamer
Space & Fire: Rosetta, The Mage
The Sixth: Thomas the Rhymer, Tom Rime, The Rhymer, True Tom/Thomas

Queen Titania's Group, also called at times 'The Second Age':

Fire & Earth: Chavala, The Demoness, The Seductress, The Negotiator
Earth & Water: Leah, The Artist
Water & Sky: ???, the Bard
Sky & Space: ???, the Thespian
Space & Fire: ???
The Sixth: ???

Queen Nimbus's Group, also at times called 'The Third Age':

Fire & Earth: Chavala, The Temptress
Earth & Water: Leah, the Architect
Water & Sky: Freesia, the Hand-maiden, the Defender
Sky & Space: Johan, the Dreamer, the Peacemaker
Space & Fire: ???
The Sixth: Dorabhrén the Green
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