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Outsider Poetry

This particular set of poetry was cropping up a lot in the Realms, and stopped right after the Black & White. Unknown at this time as to who or what wrote it.

(September 29)

Dreamer, Diplomat, and Silent Voice
Should you really obey your choice

White is night and Black is day
Through you the rules do lay

On the morrow filled with sorrow
With the Ball and smiles so hallow

Five for One and One for Five
Through you they do thrive

A shape known by all's sight
Gather true to make right

Other break sway and fold
Through you we do hold

Dreamer, Diplomat, and Silent Voice
Do you really have a choice


Yipp couldn't find out anything from placing a light spell behind it in attempts to find a certain star cluster or constellation. A young lad from Achoria, however, made his own response:

(The following is placed next to the original poem, written in a similar ink, on more standard parchment. There are pin holes in this one too, and it is placed in several Taverns in the Realms, centered around Achoria.)

The Dreamerís choice, a story told
The tale is ours to bend and fold

The path is set and we did follow
Walking towards the new tomorrow

On the day we must remember
We will gather, every member

Diplomat, Dreamer, we will strive
For Five for One and One for Five

Silent Voice still speaks somehow
That tale is ours, we tell it now

And if the tale be aught but true
We bend it back, begin anew.

So when the masks that eve we don
The Dreamers gather, come anon

Dreamer, Diplomat, Silent Voice
We all must soon make a choice.

~Tillion Bluemoon

And an elf that was slowly becoming a house-hold name:

Pinned up in similar taverns near both the poems from Outsider and Tillion, in a neat, cursive script:

Outside looking in, or already inside, to me it matters not.
Send word to me, Outsider. Tell me who you are.
Why you send things that to those who walk the Paths?
Dreamers are curious like that.

Lady Elder Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti
(October 5th)
Mage, Arcanist, and Power Unrestrained
Should you really be trained

White with snow Black with rain
Through you we know pain

To the morrow all so hallow
Raise the Ball and he you follow

Five for One and One for One
Through you we know none

A shape honed by your might
Gather true and make it right

Others sit lay and kneel
Through you we know steel

Mage, Arcanist, and Power Unrestrained
Can you really be trained


Leown Wendell suggested this to me: I assumed the [first poem] was about Pyr and the upcoming Ball, his physical state and his soon to be journey to the Deep Fae.

This latest one seems to speak of someone trying to learn, but the writer unsure as to their ability to learn. Or if they even should. The references to the first seem to tie the learner with Pyr.

When I checked back with him later, he told me what he did concerning research into his theory. I've changed it into a brief story form as to not bore the reader:
Sealing his private bed chambers, Leown sanctified the room with clear liquid and with prayers to the Pale Queen. Sitting cross-legged upon a ceremonial blanket, he cleared his mind of all else except what nature or the Pale Queen might offer as guidance. He cast a Circle of Protection around his person, with the intent that it was Her Majesty's Veil falling around him.
Slowly beginning to work his magic to cast Embrace Death, he barely kept the spell from completing, forcing himself to hover between the realm of Living and Dead. This is where he perceived the Dream Realm to be
(the Dreaming, Dreamscape, etc). He believed the Dreaming to be a melding of both life and death, unreal and real, everything and nothing.
While in the suspended state, he asked the ether for "the ones of the Deep Dreaming, those others call Deep Fae."
(Around this part of the story my jaw kind of dropped, but I kept writing.) I shall not name you, as it is neither my place nor right to do so. I ask you Denizens of Deep Dreaming, and 'Outsider' should you dwell there as I suspect, for information. You are part of the Realms, the multi-verse," he said, "and as such I seek to understand you better so I may better serve all equally. I am Leown Weldell, Sung of the Summerlands, Lord of the Templar Eternis - sworn to protect and serve all denizens without preconceived notions;Devoted of the Pale Queen- She whose Beauty Never Fades, fights against the subversion of free will and holds service and hospitality dear. I have spoken with Sir King Pyr, soon to join you. Though my heart is heavy, I rejoice in his transcendence. He has helped me understand much, which is why I believe these missives to be of your Kin, or perhaps one very close. They seem to speak of the departing King, and of a pupil wishing to learn. Tell me what you can, if you can, if you hear me. Who is the pupil? What do they seek to learn? Will it help against the Blackest Depth(the Infinite Dark, Bedlam, etc.)? Such a thing may be dangerous, even costly. But if it could save everyone, and they are willing to take that chance knowing those dangers... should it not be allowed? If it was I, I know my wife and Her Majesty would understand my duty to serve and protect what they both love so dear. What I love so dear. Should it spare others, is there truly a risk too great? Especially against such an all-consuming threat against us? I am, of course, ignorant of the finer details, but with this I hope you may see my sincerity and see fit to fill in those details if you have them. Knowledge may be power, but sometimes ignorance leads to far worse.
"If I can help it," he continued, "I shall make sure all of us are as prepared as possible. Everything is at stake, and I fear the margin for error is slim at best."

I do not know if he ever got his answers. Or if anything contacted him, for that matter.
Saegan actually wrote on the back of one of said missives, with the intent of checking back in a few days. I don't know if he ever got an answer.

Outside of what? I'd hope to ask.
And who is up to such a task?

And do we know the whos you name?
or is it all child's play and game.

Is there meaning to this rhyme?
The six title dubbed in thine?

I wonder where to wander
to find out who pray ponder

Give answer and I'll be fonder
And help save the realm from yonder

Darkness at the Dawn.

-Saegan of Acteon

Freesia went forth and copied it down, she told me later, and checked for prints and the like near the one by Folkestone, but left it up there so she wouldn't deprive anyone of knowledge.
(Unknown Date)

Druid, Shaman, Untamed Wild
Should you remain the child

White is white and Black is black
Through you we know we lack

Filled with sorrow on the morrow
Strike the Ball and tell how hallow

Five for Five and One for All
Through you we know we fall

A shape grown by your might
Gather true and show them right

Others stand resist and hold
Through you we know we fold

Druid, Shaman, Untamed Wild
Do you remain the child


(October 19th)
Inventor, Tinker, Absentminded Tech
Should you remain the wreck

White is without and Black is...Wait are we talking about pigments or light Clearly we need to define...
Through you we rise tall

Bring the hallow and the sorrow
Build the Ball and...Build it with what... Silver wood iron...Probably shouldn't use iron it might hurt if it hit someone...Maybe some material that bounces...Maybe a ball that bounces itself.....

Five for One and Five for Five
Wait wait wait This is getting out of hand The cadence is all wrong and it's just not working... How many words actually rhyme with five anyways...I can only come up with 10...Granted that's just common...I supposed we could look at Elven Fae Dwarven....

A shape made by your hand...As it should be...Can't be letting any other shoddy craftsman muck about with these things... I'm thinking pie shaped...Fill it with rhubarb and lychee and persimmon..Going to need to make an oven too...One that cooks it just....
Gather true and make them grand

Others shift bend and twist...NOT ON MY WATCH...Does no one think to stop and ask me how to fix these things...With the proper application of....
Through you we persist

Inventor, Tinker, Absentminded Tech
Do you remain the wreck


(Kahlenar responded:)

(The following is written on the back of a napkin with some yellow stains and a tear in it)

Jester, Joker, Comedic Gold
Should you do as you are told

White is un Black is couth
Through you we know truth

Beat the sorrow with the shallow
Throw the Ball at yonder owl

Five for Five and Five for Five
Through you they're alive

A shape created in your head
Gather true and make them spread

Others blink nod and kneel
Through you we know what's real

Jester, Joker, Comedic Gold
Never do as you are told

-A Damned Dirty Pirate
(October 20th)
Defender, Protector, Selfless Guard
Should you die without regard
Ward in Black Knight in White
Through you we see the right

Hold the sorrow of the morrow
With hallow Ball none may borrow

One for Five Five for None
Through you we see it done

A shape held by your hand
Gather true where you stand

Others run freeze and quake
Through you we won't break

Defender, Protector, Selfless Guard
Do you die without regard

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