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From Elder Thunderwalker

Type of Missve: Letter
Date: January 27, 1003 M.R.
Responses: none
This letter was in response to something I wrote, but again, lost in a fire accident. As it is, I can only find this half of the letter. - Dame Jeyde Thunderwalker, from Tuath Fusach

Dearest Granddaughter,

And aid he will have, if the Hunt has been called. The Golden Age is about new life, a new Way, but it does not mean that Evil and corruption will not continue to grow and fester, as it has always done.

I am overjoyed that you have been accepted into this new land and within his protection. I will add a Shunti to the Altar for your journeys ahead. I know your task ahead, my beloved child, so do not think I or your tribe is cross at not hearing from you. We know you will send when you can. Do as you must and focus on what is ahead. We are always with you, in your heart and mind. Be strong with us, within you.

I warn you that the Son of the Void has made a pact with one of those you Hunt. This one's army will add to the Void's; your Hunt this time is not just a man, but a force. One among you will die, never to return. Another will betray you all, unwillingly controlled. A darkness will rise against the darkness.

I will send Fen Stonechild to you, the leader and the First Blade of the Mageknights. He will decide how many must be sent for the Hunt, and if any of the Weavers need to come as well.

I see a great battle in the Spring, the Hunt joined on both sides. Your enemy shall be your friend, and your friend your enemy. Do not forget what and whom it is you Hunt. As for the Thunderwalkers, I see a spring of great tidings; your Near-Sister is to have a daughter and she will be named for the stars.

As for marriages, if you are hinting at Jurn Greenbow and Illuma Softshadow again, I tell you I could divine to the Great Spirit Itself and would learn nothing. They will come to me when they are ready, if they are ready, if their parents do not string them up naked and force them to test!
There ARE Three Bindings that will be held at the Fire of the Equinox, Hendal Softshadow to the Runningwolf Zerendulu girl (I still do not trust her, my beloved child, but you know this); Duran Deeprunner to Xenis Thunderwalker, and Kilie Waterfinder to Purtainia Greenbow. But for the young ones, none have approached me to be tested to be married.

I would be wary of the Eastern peoples' marriage rituals, my granddaughter. I have heard rumors of marriage after forcing a poison down their throats, or because one is good with the sword or shield, or owns land. Remember to be true; a man must be as strong-hearted as you, as smart, as skilled. He must be your equal in every way before you mark him with your blood. Let him show he is truly the warrior he must be to wed one of the Thunderwalkers.

Your Near-Sister, Sapphire, misses you as well. I know you do not get along, but you must put these quarrels aside, my beloved child. Her new

(And the letter half I have ends here.)
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