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Smaller Tribes

This was an old note I had from my grandfather, explaining different ideas to me when I was a child. I don't know if the other tribes listed here were the smaller ones that basically came from different areas of the Mid-Western Realms (The Plains, Kelguardia, and so on) and then melded into the Thirteen, but for history's sake (since a lot of other documents were lost in a fire accident) I'll place it here. - Dame Jeyde Thunderwalker, from Tuath Fasach.

Thunderwalker --) Stonechild --) Strongpaw --)Waterfinder
Hawkeye --) Goldenhair --) Rollingfist
Softshadow --) Greenbow --) Silvercloud --) Fastblade
Blackfoot --) Slowshifter

Weavers become Master Weavers who become Loomers who become a Seamstress or a Chamberlain. The powers within the Spirit World and the Dreaming are easy to control and yet we do not control much, because to interrupt the natural order of things (even in something as simple as sleep) is not our way. You are just a Weaver now, granddaughter, but I know when you meet up with Beast Master Cecil, Savior of the Multi-verse, that you will begin a career like no other.

Mage Knight are the First Blades. As they age and battle continuously strikes at them, they can become Warrior Priests or Soldier Scryers. Once they have reached veteran status physically but have much experience, they are deemed Hopefulls.

We do not wear black, for it is associated with our enemies, especially the Drow. We do not wear red, for it represents the blood that the Mad King has spilled over the years, along with the Drow, to make a river that divides us from True Peace.

There are Poets, Midwives, and the general Population that make up a Council, and from there they select Elders, and from there a Grand Elder. I am Elder Thunderwalker, for instance, and I know you remember who the Grand Elder is. A lot of them are hunters, farmers, and we have had, at least for this century, little dealings with the Eastern Realms you'll be traveling to.

Perhaps you could trace their houses, their lineage, and learn that for all our differences, we are a lot alike.
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