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Lady Magdalena's Song

Performed by: The ghost of Lady Magdalena
Place/Gathering : Holy War 1003
Date: unknown, 1003
Original by/Sung to: Janna Flannery
I stand here before ye
ye know not my name
but my song is no wonder
my song is of shame.

They mounted their horses
they thought it a game.
"The battle's won thus far
in Sir Heathcliffe's name."

My lover, my only
to you they scribed fame.
No need to be strong now.
"Who needs Tyr?" they claimed.

Order of the Hammer
Will you bring me news soon?
For I hear the hissing
of Snakes at the moon.

Order of the Staff, here
now tell me all the lies
of Tyr's sense of honor
or our sense of pride.

Order of the Swords, you
could not begin to try
to defend my poor husband
decreed by Tyr to die.

Of treachery and curses
O, he is to blame!
The Orders are gone now
My words still remain.

So tell me, O Magus
Where doth lovers lie?
When the land up and swallowed
my heart from on high?

So tell me, proud warrior
Shall blood freely fly?
Tyr's taken our hero
and the tears have run dry.

Speak to me, sisters
Where has the sun gone?
My husband was loyal,
My lover was strong.

O tell me, my brothers
Where do we belong?
The Orders are nothing
now that Sir Heathcliffe's gone...

Tyr...did not understand.
He took our honor from our hands.
The One who could win us this war.

But I... made Him understand.
I broke my Oath upon the land
And now you can see we are no more...

Beautiful I once was
Now cursed I shall be
So I'll sing for my lover
for eternity...
Tags: Historical Account, Non-Player Character
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