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Account from Elydia

Author: Elydia
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: unknown
Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon
February 23rd 693
Here follows the account of Elydia, follower of Tyr,

The plague is spreading throughout the land. I've just recently returned from an expedition to what was left of the town of Dalen, a village located 11 miles southeast of our sanctuary. The Serpent grows bolder every day. At first we only heard of the remotest villages being struck, the adults murdered or captured for slavery, the children kidnapped to be raised within the Cult. Never did we think they would strike a village only a day's journey away.

There was not much left to be saved. Most of the structures had been set to the torch. The animals that were not taken now run wild. It seems that they do not care much for the things we hold dear. I doubt that a new village will be established. The fear of your children being taken in the night is enough persuasion for families to move elsewhere. I fear that it was because this village was formally under our protection that it was targeted. I dread the day that these children who were stolen away today will lead the hordes of serpents against us in a few years time.

They want children. Why? I wish I know, but they always take them. Never have we found one dead body. It's obvious what becomes of them. We see the human mages leading the armies that infest these lands. Somehow,perhaps because they are young, they are made to worship the Serpent. In adulthood they follow it with a religious zeal that matches our own.

However, the journey was not fruitless, we have managed to find a survivor. The Serpents are getting sloppy and left one of their Chosen. He was unconscious when we found him under a pile of rubble. We have taken great care in keeping him. Whenever we have been able to take one of them alive they have either managed to kill themselves or somehow escape. We must find out more about them before it's too late. I fear this poison on the land is growing stronger every day.
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