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Author: Faelinn Shadowmoon
Date: 2003

The Chosen of the Serpent-

The ranks of the Chosen harbor all manners of spell-casters; everything from necromancers to sorcerers to healers. They are granted a variety of powers from the Great Serpent and the High Priest for their services. All Chosen are granted the ability to wield fireballs and recently some have been know to command a spell called “disintegrate”. The Chosen are the generals of the Cult, directing small or large groups of warriors to further their own goals or those of the Cult. Chosen compete with each other to gain the favor of the High Priest and are rewarded with boons of power or more underlings to command.
The current leader of the Chosen is a human male known as Assam.

The Chosen are known to compete with each other very fiercely for favor. Rivalries are known to become violent and brutal within the ranks. Despite their power, the use of their fireball ability weakens the Chosen.


The Avatars are a powerful group within the ranks of the Cult but, thankfully, their numbers remain relatively small. Not much is known about the Avatars other than some of their powers, which can vary between them. In some instances, the Avatars command spells and fireballs. In others, they wield great weapons covered in poison. Sometimes…they present themselves as being able to do both.

One way that has proven effective in destroying the Avatars is by catching them in the rays of a light spell and attacking them.

Fangs of the Serpent-

The Fangs are the heavy fighters of the Cult’s forces. They are naturally armored humanoids that wield two-handed and great weapons. The weapons have been known to be covered in poison and in rare instances, keen enough to pierce through armor.

Children of the Serpent-

The Children are the run-of-the-mill fighters in the Cult. These snake-like humanoids are naturally armored and generally wield one-handed weapons.

The High Priest-

The nominal head of the Cult, it is the High Priest that pulls the strings. It is through the High Priest that the will of the Great Serpent is conveyed to the rest of the Cult. The High Priest is assumed to be a spell-caster of sorts. Not much is known about him.

The High Priest’s greatest weakness is his arrogance. We need to use that to our advantage.

The Traitors-

Several cultists have turned against the Cult of the Serpent. These traitors have been this largest source of inside information on the cult. They are completely trustworthy and desire only revenge on the cult.

Measures to counter the Cult of the Serpent’s magic:

- Divinations directed against the cult can be and are often influenced by the snake’s magic leading to misinformation direct magical attacks and the like. Magic directed against the temple itself is harmlessly turned away by a counter-magic barrier. To gain truthful information via divinations, the caster must be the subject of a “protect the soul” spell and cast their magic within a circle of protection.

- The power “disintegrate” used by the Chosen is very deadly. A person hit by the yellowish green bolt of energy is killed and scalped. If the victim is the subject of a “protect the soul” spell, the result of the disintegration is death. Death can be avoided if one is able to resist magical effects.
- Dream catchers have been known to show the influence of the Cult’s magic upon a person or item.
- The Fangs and Children of the Serpents, while strong in numbers can be disarmed quite easily when they are enfeebled. If they are enfeebled, they turn into the harmless garden snakes.
- Nearly all of the members of the Cult are enchanted beings or constructs of some kind. Proper protection spells will keep them at bay.
Magic used by the Cult of the Serpent:

- As stated above, the ranks of the Chosen harbor all walks of spell casters. They are as varied as the spell casters commonly seen walking the Realms. Expect a Channeler to use his protective spells, a Healer to raise their dead, and a Necromancer to create minions from fallen friends.
- Some Chosen have the ability to summon Avatars. This process is long and demands the close attention of the spell caster. Such favors are not granted often, but they are granted often enough in times of danger.
- Though anathema to the dogma of the Cult, infernal beings and demons are now being summoned and bound to the will of Chosen. Not much is know about their power or their loyalty to their “masters”.
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