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Selection of the Chosen

Author: Jarrell
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: April 3rd, 695
Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon
April 3rd, 695
On the Selection of the Chosen

So long has been my servitude that I wonder how accurate my information may be. Dear reader, please forgive my bias, but what once was utter devotion to a god has turned to utter hatred.

Until recently I was one of the Chosen of the Serpent, a true and devoted follower of the Serpent. Never did I realize what had been done to me, my family, and my homeland that lead me to become a Chosen. I saw the children brought in. I remember stripping down the memories of their old life before filling them with the lies of an evil god. What smog kept me from realizing that only a few years ago this had been done to me? i knew enough to do my job, no more...and I admit that at the time I enjoyed it, though even the thought of having done such horrible things makes me cringe with pain.

So many children, and the younger the better. They were the easiest to mold. The older ones had stronger memories of home, even tried to escape. I remember killing the ones that wouldn't be broken. Their blood will never come off my hand. A public execution of a disobedient disciple was often enough to keep the rest in line. It was often a sacrifice to feed the Fangs or Horns. That must have been the only way any of us were able to accept it. So we watched with religious zeal that explained everything our senses would have cried out against.

I wonder what it was exactly that woke me from this nightmare. Perhaps it was being outside the cult itself. Without the High Priest watching over me, the connection may have been weakened. they also took any symbols of the Serpent. Perhaps the power lies in that. Whatever it was exactly, I know that it can be done. The rest of the Chosen can be saved. And from the Chosen who know the Serpent, perhaps others can be gathered. Perhaps some new information can be gained. Only by uncovering the source of the secrets of the cult can we destroy the High Priest and the source of the Serpent's influence on this realm.

Who is the High Priest? no, I do not know his name, but I do know that he has lead the cult longer than anyone can remember. I believe that his connection with the Serpent has granted him immortality, but there is only one way to test that theory. Perhaps some day some brave soul will be able to destroy his power and his hold on the world. I would do it if I can, destroy his sanctuary, his unholy artifacts, but I will be struck down the moment I leave the safety of these walls.

The Serpent strikes down the unfaithful, the infidels. I have turned on Him and given the secrets of the Cult to the enemy. I know that for this I will face a fate worse than death but it is a fate I've earned. I did not choose to be kidnapped and taken in a caravan to be trained to be a heartless, mindless fool, but I choose to remain silent and quietly obey the Masters instead of resist. I chose to live in servitude rather than die with my people. And most of all, I enjoyed delivering this fate to others. I will live as long as I can and tell as much as I can. It is all I can do to avenge my family.

In Service,
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