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4th Entry: Last of the Front

Sholtier Capsimad the 8th

The village is unharmed. It looks like the wards have worked. Many questions were answered on my journey but still many remain.

How did Enfield survive the explosion?
How do I kill him?
If I kill him, will it stop his armies?
Why did those cages exist?
How do I get close enough to hurt him?

My head hurts. I have had strong head aches since my encounter in the dreaming (Page 19)

(Page 20 is blank)

Camier Capsimad the 29th

Turns out I have had the information I needed to destroy Enfield since the desert and never realized it. Enfield has harnessed the magical powers that protected those prisons for his own means.

He muste be destroyed in the dreaming world for it to be possible for him to be destroyed here. No matter how much firepower is thrown at him, he will always survive.

I must find a way to destroy those Bonds. (Page 21)

Quantier TAM the 19th

Terrible news. The forces of the shining Lance coalition have been shattered in a mighty battle that raged nonstop for 9 days. Their number have been added to Enfield's armies. Worse, human, elven, and dwarven mercanaries have been drawn to his banner with promises of untold riches and other rewards... power, respect, and women.

Several dying warriors have been acid to prevent their bodies from being added to Enfield's army. This has had limited success

Enfield's Hoards are poised to destroy the capital of the once mighty league. All is lost. Would Enfield be destroyed, civilization would still be lost. (Page 22)

Elvier TAM the 25th

Carok-tro has been levelled. Any hope the forces of good once had is now gone. The good king Trimar has now been added to Enfield's hoard as a nameless undead soldier.

Enfield will pay for this insult. I know how to get him and leave tonight to finish what should have been finished three years ago (Page 23)

Sholtier TAM the 27

It is done! I would rejoice if I had the strength. It took all my magical ability to prevent this village from being destroyed.

I was able to move the village further inland to get it out of the Blast radius. Enfield unexpected exploded as I rammed my broadsword through his chest. I was probably something to do with the release of energy he had harness.

All I know is his tower and the surrounding land for fmiles has been destroyed. Disentergrated may be a better description...

His armies still ravage the land. I will attempt to salvage what people I can. I have little hope. Evil will destroy itself and become dust. My charges and I will be all that is left. Perhaps someday humanity will be rekindled. (Page 24)

The last 2/3 of the journal are blank.
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