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2nd Entry: Month of Canz

Camier Canz the 12th

The league of free nations have developed a plan. It has become apparent that destroying Enfield must be accomplished at all costs. A group of sorcerors have developed something that might work. It is a device of unimaginable destructive power. It will destroy everything with 20 leagues of its detonation point. I have my reservations about this plan but... (Page 3)

Fruntier Canz the 13th

The doomsday device was detonated with horrendous results. It literally evaporated everything within 50 leagues of its detonation point. Enfield was at ground zero. A large portion of his legions were within the blast radius, as well. He must be dead. Maybe now we can start to rebuild. (Page 4)

Fruntier Canz the 20th

Unbelievable! That creature still lives. This is bad ... Must figure out how he survived. So much lost. I cannot allow him to. Where did he find out how to be immortal? That is something for the Gods. I must consult my notes (page 5)
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