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3rd Entry: Sch'tam & Floram

Loasier Sch'tam the 24th

Today I set out for the blasted Lands. Hopefully there will be answers somewhere in those ancient ruins. But first I must set wards to protect this haven, this town. They took me in when the world crumbled around them. If Enfield discovered they had harbored me, they would all die slowly.

The wards I set should prevent anyone from discovering this place. Sheer brilliance on my part!(Page 6)

Noltier Floram the 12th

Its taken a bit more than two weeks to reach the ruins deep within the wastes. Even with my teleportation abilities, it has been slow. All I can find is sand, bugs and bones. I'm beginning to think there's nothing out here. Perhaps I was wrong. (Page 7)

Elvier Floram the 13th

I have found a concealed tomb deep within the ruins of an ancient temple. I has a large stone block in half. Imbedded in the stone is the shape of a man. Curious. I have also found evidence of a campsite set up in this room. Whomever lived here, was here a LONG time. Years, at least. Something Else is here ... Its a feeling ... maybe ... I have no idea. (Page 8)

Quantier Floram the 14th

As the moon reached it's Zenith last evening , I knew I wasn't alone. The floor lit up as bright as a thousand torches and scream filled my head. There was no noise ... just the feeling that hundreds of souls were screamin in terror? Pain? I don't think I'll be sleeping much anymore. I'm close to something. I can feel it. (Page 9)

Sholtier Floram the 15th

Nothing new.just a presence... more specifically a shadow of a presence. Been spending time translating. I can't make any sense out of this writing. I'm not used to actually having to translate. The mages back home enchant paper and signs so we don't have to. I miss my home. I wonder if anyone's alive. Perhaps when this is over_____________________________ (note: that is a jagged pen mark going down the page) (Page 10)

Camier Floram the 17th

Its been two days. I have no idea how that happened... This is incredible. The stone block was a prison of sorts. It looks to have been enchanted with something. It must have been designed to keep something in. (Page 11)

Fruntier Floram the 18th

Apparently this block exists on multiple planes. It is only partially here. It also exists in between the waking and the dreaming Worlds. This is theoretically impossible but here it is! Imagine the possibility! Theories of cross-planer dynamic existance will be shattered in the blink of an eye! I'm gonna be famous. Wow. But what was trapped inside this prison? (Page 12)

Noltier Floram the 19th

I have finally cracked the runes on the outside of the prison

I have no idea what a class 36 non-corporeal entity is. Perhaps a god? Whoever these people were, they sure were strange. The cube looks imperveous to any harm. I can't even scratch it. I wonder if it is vulnerable in the dreaming...(Page 13)

Elvier Floram the 20th

Entered Dreaming last night. Was not alone. Prison was shattered by something there. Believe Enfield released whatever was in there. Suddenly felt skin peeling from body as my flesh burned. Woke up. I think something followed me out VERY BAD.

I seem whole again. (Page 14)

Loasier Floram the 23rd

Within the cube was a demon This demon is a parsite of sorts. From translating the runes on the cube, I have discovered it came from another existance. This type of demon melts within your soul and is impossible to remove. The demon and the host become one.

My theory is that Enfield has been similarly contaminated. He must have inadvertantly opened this prison when he stumbled upon the ruins. But how? (Page 15)

Camier Floram the 24th

I have discovered a complicated set of switches and buttons under the edge of one of the halves of the cube. It looks like Enfield discovered its proper sequence.

One other disturbing discovery. I have found at least 23 other holding cubes, exactly like this one. They seem to contain different creatures but they're all still intact... at least in the waking world. I will check on them in the dreaming tonight. (Page 16)

Fruntier Floram the 25th

Upon enterring the dreaming, I knew something was amiss. There there were the eyes. Those eyes were always there. I tried to ignore them. I walked/RAN/Flew, I don't remember how but I made it to where the dreaming version of the prisons were. They were intact. Then the darkness took form and wove around my body.

It crushed and pierced my entire form. I could feel the darkness writhing through my chest as it sought to rend and destroy. I could feel wach rib crack, each of my limbs were twisted, I was folded in two...backwards

Then I woke up. A slight trickle of blood escaped my lips. It was a warning. (Page 17)

Noltier Floram the 26th

I have learned everything I can in this place. I'm leaving. (Page 18)
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