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Stance on Laws

Type of Missve: Sir Shean to Everyone
Date: March 16, 1003
Responses: One, Ambassador Chakra
Shean O'Quinnlin wrote:

Before I rant I guess I have a question for the Free Kingdom. Not from a spokes person but from King Jarred himself.

Will goblins, orcs and or Drow have any rights under the law?

Sir Shean O'Quinnlin

Ambassador Chakra responded:

Shean O'quinnlin,

"Spokesperson" or not, I provide the answer to your question. If this cannot satisfy, you may rant in ignorance for now and pester his majesty at our next gathering.

With exception to the two Kingdom-Wide edicts, Laws within the Free Kingdoms are regional, in that the laws in Folkestone will often differ from those in Rhiassa or Grimloch. For Example, If Creathorne were one of our provinces, I imagine that scalping in all it's forms would be a criminal act within Creathorne. The Free Kingdoms would allow and even assist in upholding that law, even though the rules may be different within Folkestone.. Thus, each province must decide for itself how to regulate irregular denizens such as goblins.

With that being said, the Throne's stand on the matter is that species is not an issue of law, only behavior. If goblins exist to hunt game, raise crops and live peaceably, then we have no problem. If however, they exist to murder, pillage & commit other atrocities, our response will be swift and decisive.

My personal view is we should be wary, not prejudiced. Just because some elves arrive, one might expect that they create shoes, even be prepared for that, but should not assume that they will start cobbling the minute night falls.

Happy ranting,
-Chakra, Law of Folkestone
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