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End of the Free Kingdoms

Type of Missve: public, mass distribution
Date: Auguest 18,1008
Responses: none
Unto the People of The Realms,

I felt the need to send out this missive not to further any hard feelings that some may feel, but to let the Realms populace know what transpired Saturday night at Queen of Hearts.

It is true that I have disbanded the Free Kingdoms. The Knights of the Free Kingdoms and Guardians of the Free Kingdoms have also been disbanded. I have released any nation or individual from their oath of fealty to me as King of the Free Kingdoms.

The path you walk doesn’t always lead you directly where you want to go. What’s important is ending up where you need to be.

Sir Jarrod Marshalle
Lord of Folkestone

Tags: Confirmed, Personal Account, Primary Source, Player Character
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