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Knights of the Free Kingdoms

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 12/19/1005
Responses: yes, included

I know I have not addressed many of you, though I have met some few of you
from time to time.

I was curious, could someone please tell me what the qualifications of being
a Knight of the Free Kingdoms are?
I would also be intersted in knowing what it takes to become a Champion of
the Free Kingdoms, if that is possible to relate.

Actually, I would be curious to know what Knighthoods are available out
there, and what their requirements are.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration,

Alex Clay

As a Knight of the Free Kingdoms you first duty is to the King.
-Your Sword is His Sword and your life is His to use in the service and protection of His people
-His Majesty holds the care and protection of his vassals higher than any other cause, no matter how worthy, and thus His People are to be your people.
-You shall honor and protect them as if you were their Lord, no matter what land within the Kingdoms they call home.
-You were Knighted for your past deeds as much as for the quality of your character, but an honor as great as Knighthood must both be earned and maintained.
-To that End, you must commit no less than 1(one) day of service to each Lord of the Free Kingdoms to assist them in matters relating to the safety and defense of the Kingdom and of the Realms as a whole.
-When you wear the belt of a Knight of the Free Kingdoms, You represent its people, its Lord and its King.
-You must be quick to action when your cause is just and clear, but firm and patient when deliberations and diplomacy are required to solve a problem.
-You voice will raise hopes and rally swords, so you must temper your courage with Wisdom and know when to charge into battle and when to wait for the right moment to press an advantage.
-Your life is no longer your own, so be not careless with it, even in pursuit of righteous glory.
that is what being a knight of the Free Kingdoms means and that is what they do. As for becoming the Champion of the Free Kingdoms. There is a tounament held yearly at Queen of Hearts where any member of the Free Kingdoms, excluding Lords, Knights, and Guardians can enter with all spells and armor and any weapon. it is a grand Melee style tournament. Being the champion means that when a fight needs to be handled they are the ones that do the fighting. they are selected for their fighting ability for that is the title description, not to deal with political matters at all Quote from the King.



if you have any questions, I am sure myself, or one of my Brother Knights can answer any questions you may have. We will all be at the Feast of Leviathan should you wish to speak directly.

-Sir Ragnar
Knight-Commander of the Free Kingdoms
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