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The Silver Chalice

Written by: As told by Lord Artex Bluebane
Date: unknown
The Silver Chalice of Rathkeale

As told by Lord Artex Bluebane

The design on the upper left corner of the black tabards is a silver chalice. This represents the magical item hard won by Artex and company. Back in the early days of Rathkeale, we merc'ed ourselves out for whatever cash we could come by. We have always been a very poor nation. There were gatherings every year called the Realms Fair and Auction. At these gatherings there were tournaments, games, and items sold to the highest bidder.

During the first Auction, I attended with my Lord O'Conner and Captain Hogan, we entered into the bidding for a silver chalice. Although we had very little money, and were bidding against a member of wealthy Chimeron, I felt a call from the Chalice and asked O'Conner if I could use everyone's currency within our small group. It was agreed and the bidding war began.

Well, the price got higher and higher, and soon it money was literally being thrown at me to help in my quest to outbid the Chimeronian. I shouted out a bid of 42 gold and went back to counting the money as it fell into my lap by ones and twos. Trying to concentrate on the money, my ears picked out Sir Highrider (who was conducting the bid) shout "42 gold, going once, 42 gold going twice..." at which point I looked up and shouted "43 GOLD!!!"

After the few seconds of stunned looks and silence, Sir Highrider let out a small laugh and announced that I had just topped my last bid. Oops. No matter. The bidding stopped there as it was declared by my worthy opponent that since I was willing to top my own bid, then I must REALLY want the chalice. He withdrew and I won what became known as the Chalice of Rathkeale to much applause.

The following year I bid again on it's sister, and wound up with the Chalice of Videssos, once again declaring my attempt to win this item by bidding against myself as well as all others... Also at this event, someway, somehow, Artex won Most Honorable. It WASN'T MY FAULT!!! I have no idea what happened!!! But as a result I was awarded a Wish Coin. I used this wish to make the Chalice of Rathkeale into a magic item that would act as a Raise Dead spell three times per gathering if splashed with water from it. It has become our centerpiece for Feasts, Garb, and Heraldry ever since. It is our most Holiest of Items, and must be defended at all costs.
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