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The History of Rathkeale

History of Rathkeale


In the time before Unification Rathkeale was divided by family clans. The clans were spread out across the island, often divided by the mountains and forests that cover the land. These clans were very territorial and fought each other often. This was the situation till the ever-increasing orc population in the center of the island spilled out into the surrounding forests. They pushed the human and gnomish populations backward towards the southern coasts. The unprepared clans were on the run, fighting separately in a losing battle.

Videssos, an Island of hills and forests immediately to the southeast is populated by a fierce sea-going peoples that practice magic as a way of life. The High Council of Videssos was aware of the conflict and voted to intervene. House Bluebane, the Maritime Guild, Blacksmith Guild and Druids voted to send a delegation to the largest clan over the objections of the Merchants Guild, House Leman and House Anarch.

Not all was lost back on Rathkeale. A young Chief's son from the O'Conner clan began to gather support from other clans through ritual combat and charisma. When Chief O'Conner is slain in battle with the orcs, Ryan O'Conner is proclaimed Lord of Rathkeale. With unity on their side they move to join with the eastern clans when fate took over.

The delegation sent by Videssos was ambushed by "Blue" Elves shortly after moving inland. They were part of an advance force that wanted to take out O'Conner but stumbled upon the Videssans. That delegation was led by House Bluebane's eldest son, Artex. During the brutal attack, Artex lost his first wife, Angelina, who was brutally hacked apart as the elves swamped the Videssans and killed all but two people. Lord Ryan's troops come across the battle very late, rescuing only Artex and his bodyguard Blak. Upon rescue, Artex swore the allegiance of House Bluebane to O'Conner and the Nation of Rathkeale.

Years of the O'Conner Clan Dynasty

In Videssos the High Council votes Artex as the first Lord of Videssos under High Lord O'Conner. Artex in turn is made Chancellor of the first unified government of Rathkeale and Videssos, known simply as Rathkeale. Hogan O'Conner (cousin to Ryan) was appointed Captain of the Guard. The nation of Rathkeale is officially born and the orc hordes are driven back to the interior mountains. Rathkealian fighters and farmers combined with Videssian sailors and magic make for a formidable nation. The Court is established in the western town of Donovale by the much-loved Ryan O'Conner. Ryan, Artex, Hogan, and Blak tour the Realms mainland for the first time. Many friends are made and battle with the Shadowlord is joined leading to his defeat. The four return home to tell of the nature of the mainland. Then in year Two (992 in the Realms) disaster struck.

The Second Invasion of Rathkeale came in the form of "Blue" elves seeking to establish a homeland away from the mainland and its inhabitants. Charging out of a portal in the central mountains and ships from the North, the Elves quickly take control of the North, East, and Center, driving toward Donovale itself. While Artex took to the Sea to battle the Elven navy in the Channel of Mist between the two main islands, Hogan rushed with troops from the Southern Clans toward Donovale. Tragecly Lord O'Conner and the defenders of Donovale were overwhelmed and the town burned. Nothing was left alive. Lord Ryan's body was never recovered, only his sword. The First Lord of Rathkeale was no more.

Hogan O'Conner arrives to retake and rebuild the devestated town. The second Lord of Rathkeale established himself more as a drinker and a hunter of treasure than a defender of the people. While leading troops on quests of gold, the Elves tightened their grip on the mainland. The Videssan Navy held the seas but the portal allowed the Blue Elves to bring in fresh troops anyways. Yet deep into year two Hogan joined with Blak and some Realms people to go deep into the territory of the Caer Magire to hunt down and kill the Emperor of those vampiric lands. The band succeeds and the Emperor is killed granting the Lord of Rathkeale the title of those lands. Blak, Captain of the Guard, returns home to report the demise of Count Hogan O'Conner during the raid. With no more living O'Conners willing to take a position of leadership, the Chancellor assumes leadership and appoints Angel (mother of Artex's wife Angelina) as new Chancellor. Overlord Artex Bluebane becomes the third Lord of Rathkeale.

The Rise and Fall

Major conflict on the mainland in year three leads to Realms-wide war. In Rathkeale and Videssos the god Hades has gained many worshipers with his promise of using the elves' dead against themselves. As the only god willing to help, Artex and many others accept the offer. Blak leaves the islands to join the Clan in Chimeron. Rockwood, the nearest nation on the mainland joins with Rathkeale in what is called the Alliance of the Northern Isles. The N.I. swears fealty to King Taithan of V'rai. With help from King Taithan and Rockwood, the seas are cleared of Elven ships and the western coast of Rathkeale is reclaimed. Artex is granted Knighthood in Rathkeale by his followers as proclaimed by the Captain of the Guard Nathan Ryan. Artex promises that Rathkeale shall not perish from the Realms and sends in troops to help with conflict on the mainland. War along the mainland claims the lives of Taithan, Chancellor Angel, and Captain Nathan Ryan. Rathkeale again is independent, with Lady Sorcha of the Druids as the new Chancellor.

With secure defensive positions on free Rathkeale, Sorcha and Artex leave the islands to drum up support on the mainland during Year Four. Traveling throughout the Realms they encounter many beings, fight many battles, and have many adventures. Unfortunately they are able to claim virtually no support. The Realms is in chaos and war in the northlands seemed imminent. Overlord Artex swears his allegiance to Lord Adyan of Chimeron to secure protection for Rathkeale, and provide Adyan with support to help him rise within his own lands. This gives Rathkeale a new lease on life and allows it to strengthen and heal. Artex returns to Videssos halfway through the year to build a new army and government to support him. Sorcha returns to the Misty Isles to continue her work as a Druid. Lord Adyan, traveling without his followers, is captured by the Well of Souls, thought to be lost forever.

The written history ends here, but I have plans to journey to Rathkeale and listen to Balfour (Artex's relation)'s tales about what took place before and after the Empire was made. - Sir Iawen Penn
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