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Hall of Heroes

Ryan O'Conner - First Lord of Rathkeale

He established the unified look and feel of the newest Rathkeale of the Realms. Brave as he was intelligent, O'Conner always led from the front. O'Conner never left a follower behind on the field of battle. He was respected by those who followed him and much loved back home in the islands. A fighter by choice, a leader by destiny, he is missed by all in Rathkeale. He was killed by the initial assault by the Blue Elves.

Angel Starfire - Sister of Artex's first wife Angelina

Beautiful... and deadly. Known as a woman of immense charm she worked her way through the men of the Realms as an assassin of the highest quality. Angel worked her way up the ranks to that of Chancellor based on her predatory skill and innocent looks. She was a healer who saved Rathkealians on many occasions while employing a dagger like no other. Angel was killed in the assault on King Taithan's forces along with Captain Nathan Ryan of Rathkeale.

Sorcha - High Druid of Rathkeale

Known as the "Right Hand of Artex" she was constantly at his side. A healer of great skill, she was known throughout the Realms as a beautiful warrior that was unselfish in her healing. Courted at one point by King Oberon himself, this Chancellor of Rathkeale was instrumental in keeping both Overlord Artex and Rathkeale itself alive and well, even during the darkest of times. Sorcha fought vampiric possession, fae intrusion, and helped Artex and Lord Adyan to reach an agreement. Sorcha retired to the Misty Isles to continue her Druidic studies, and will always be remembered as a warrior of Rathkeale.
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