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The 'Spheres'

Author: Bouquet D'Amandes
Place/Gathering Discovered: Four on the Floor: The Path Upward
Date: April 17-18th, 1003 M.R.
Transcribed by: Zinnia, fae elven scribe
Cevaris, with Guilliam, but then was destroyed
Fuld, with BrightHammer
Grimlock, with Duchess Gwen
BrightHammer/Fen, with DDB
Avendar/Deadpool, with Aelias
Terran, with Velvet
Duanae, with Bright
Girthane, with Gryffin
Mian/Gryf, with Twenaria
Bryan/Zula, with Zula
Hermin, with Zeek
Wormwood, with Bouquet, but then stolen by Oberon's forces

We need to get them all out of there!!

I barely remember at this point what they were used for, as most of The Hidden Order ended up becoming the Rive weapons that were used over the last half of the war against Wrake and Rein. However, from a gathering called 'Four on the Floor', Zula, BrightHammer, myself and many others were able to divulge what had happened to The Hidden Order that day. It is also rumored that Hermin, the large Turtle-like being and Master Alchemist of their group, saw what was coming and had a huge hand in devising these 'Spheres'. Hermin and I had an extremely good working relation, until something happened. Hermin then had to make a decision and Kyomi was made an Apprentice in my place, being the next good Alchemist in line.

Ah, Alchemy...

I can only recall Duanae 'surviving' at this point in Time in the form of a weapon, although I would dearly love to know if Hermin, now a dagger, was able to survive as well.

Girthane was their Master Healer, beautiful beyond beautiful, and then Thunder also was there as well... for more on either of them, one can speak to Sir Zula Darkwillow, or his younger brother Gryf.

Wormwood was a dark elf that I, at the time, was slightly enamored with. I wore his ring the entire time he was in the sphere and went missing, and when he returned another had to return the ring for me, for I was in much darkness (and rather not myself).

...there are other stories I have about The Hidden Order, but that is for another time.
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