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...of Stones part 4

In the case of Healing: I highly recommend Yellow Stones, only because it is what I have used the most of when interacting with Healing. If you can use Gold in small quanities on a being, the better. For the best preventive measure for yourself against Ills, fashion a Topaz ring, amulet, or Talisman with gold as your back-setting. Meditate upon your craft for three days and on each night, wash it in rose water. After these times, see if you're not healthier to boot!

Concerning Negativity: "Harm none." True, but what if the foe coming towards you has murder on his mind? You have to be able to protect yourself, and so I have listed many Protection Stones in this piece. If you wish to be offensive ("the best defense is a good offense."), please see my notes on the Magical Properties of Stone: Battle Magicks. (Aberes's note: I have no idea where that would be. 2/27/1008 M.R.)

Why the note about Growth: Once, in a pinch, I needed the Land to assist me in the harvest a bit more, as it had been a poor summer. So, Adventurine was used and buried at the foot of my garden, along a rock wall, which borders the forest. The next day: I had a WALL of Solid Rock, about two pikes' length high, next to an overgrown and very HUGE garden! My pumpkins and squash were about as long and high as my pet, Chauncey, and their width like the rain barrels! My corn stalks were just short in length of the rock wall, producing ears bigger that my forearm! The downside was that there was a gopher in the garden at the time. Enormous monstrosity, and none too pleased with the changes that had occured! Nevertheless, Chauncey and I had meat to last us the winter as well. The gopher is in a better place. The SIZE of the Adventurine is important! I used about a 'fistsworth', that is about the size of a grown man's fist. I say unto you: USE LESS! USE SPARINGLY! Otherwise you'll have giant WHATEVERS running through your garden!

Well, that's it for this portion. You know where to find me should you have more questions, or you can just skip ahead to the Battle Magicks, or go back and read about the Circles and Stones and which spells are Augmented by what Stones. Good luck, sisters!
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