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...of Stones part 2

On the PASSIVE side we have the softer colors.

Blue stones are used for cooling fevers in a flash and calming the mind that is wandering, but not of its own accord. It aids in inducing sleep, whether on willing or unwilling persons. It aids in soothing infections, but not curing. Stimulating psychic activities, Blues stones are associated with Clarity, Loyalty, Soothing Love, and Inspiration. Helps to Banish Fears, Phobias, and Terrors. Inspiration, peace, love, calmness. These stones are associated with the WEST.

Green stones are said to strengthen hearts along with immune systems. Green is an earth color and a tonic for the body, mind, and spirit. Green stones enhance dreams, meditation, giving us deeper spiritual insight. It represents divinity in us, prosperity, love, kindness, tranquility, balance, healing, and patience. It aid in releasing anxiety and fear. Other qualities include: clarity, modesty, courage, justice, wisdom, nurturing, peaceful, and is quite good at dispelling negative energy.

Yellow-green stones can be used to rid one's self of a shadow, or a negative image (including their own!). They can also be used in getting rid of feelings of inadequacy, shyness, or shame, and can be used in acceptance of love, comfort, and support. Yellow-green stones are good in spells or rituals needed for money, riches, prosperity, luck, grounding, and balancing.

Purple or violet stones are a combination of red & blue, and is associated with Mysticism and the Spiritual Realms. It enhances "right"-brain activity, is a powerful blood cleanser/purifyer, and helps mental disorders. It calms and prevents explosive tempers as well as induces sleep, but more with the willing than the unwilling. All emotions experienced are more subduded. These stones can cut through glamours and illusions when wore close to the eyes, round about the neck or head, or in one's hair or on one's ears. If worn on the dominant hand, purple/violet stones may be able to phase the wearer through or past the glamour/illusion. It has strong protective qualities, building up invisible walls/defenses for the sole bearer of the stone. The AMETHYST in particular is said to keep one from being drunk or poisoned. Purple is also used as a cure for the cold. Purple/Violet stones are associated with Intuition, Inspiration, Divine Love, Healing, and Defensive Magicks. Those who wear and use purple stones for long periods, however, do have draw-backs: they some times become paranoid, withdrawn, hermatic, and in some tragic cases: bitter and alone. Do not let the walls get too high when defending yourself. It is associated with the SOUTHWEST.

Brown stones give consolidation and a bringing together of plans. It counteracts restlessness and giddiness. It is a stabilizer of the mind and a giver of direction. Brown stones influences friendships, special favors, and aid in the healing of animals. It cleanses and protects the Astral Realms; draws out distortion on all levels; it aids against hyperactivity, excessive energy, and impish/impulsive desires ("I'm bored, let's see what kind of trouble we can get into."); grounding. It is associated with the NORTH.

White stones are used as purifiers and to remove poisons/diseases that are unnatural (it can only aid in strengthening an immune system against a flu or cold, but not actually prevent it as colds are natural). Their magickal purpose is to aid in gaining affinity with the Higher Self and the Soul. White contains all colors of the Rainbow, enhancing the full spectrum of energies for body, mind, and spirit. Associated with abundance, innocence, purity, faithfulness. A master Healer should always carry a White stone. Amplifies thought forms in higher states of sending(if you need to alert someone near-by to danger, or let a friend know you'll be tardy on the road). It actively dispells negative energy in one's personal space and in their enviroment, and sends back all harm to the original sender. It receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy, but be careful. Too much at once can leaver the Caster 'crashed' once the task is done: depressed, sluggish, empty, hollow, jittery/twitchy/"the shakes", and in some tragic cases despairing, hallucinations of the past, insanity, hopeless, and possibly having/seeking a Death Wish. This stone is associated with the MOON or LUNA.

Black stones are said to offer protection and strengthen physical and etheric bodies. These stones are revitalizing, enhancing the wearer's personal magnetism. Optimism, will, and courage all balance out; this stone is slightly grounding. It is also the stone of Abstract Thinking and Self Control. Seriousness is a characteristic associated with these stones. Black stones are also associated with the DARK side of the MOON, so in one's philosophy it could be LUNA or even the less spoken about XAOS or "shadow-stepping" in general. Those who seek to create their own craft: HEMATITE is best used for this, as Black stones work best in rings, or having rings be made entirely from Black stone. (Aberes's note: I Seance'd to my father to make sure he wasn't the Creator of this document, and he seemed surprised that some one or some creature not known to the Church of the Five Ladies (when it wasn't even really well-known back then) would use the Dark Lady's name. -2/27/1008 M.R.)
Hematite is also good for pendants, but not to be worn unless as a ring. I have one hanging on the bedpost right over my head, and it is my favorite stone. Wonderful for centering yourself, and for drawing illness out of the body, but beware: it does not dispell illness, so in using Black stones for healing, note that the Illness might very well travel to another, the closest body in region to you. For HEMATITE, again; its silvery, mirror-like surface is especially potent for Scrying, and has yet to falter in Divination. This could be because Hematite falls between the Black and the Silver.

Silver aids in healing, but in a colder way (no compassion, just get the bone set/disease cured, etc.). There is no "bedside manner" when using silver for healing. If attempting to use Silver and Gold in healing, they will cancel each other out and the sick will still be sick, if not worse off. Silver is especially useful for Intuition. It is said that it can influence change in others, while the wearer is instill with adaptability. Silver enhances the mental and logical functions of the mind ten-fold, and relieves all stress to the point of non-emotionalism. A very strong tool for the sub-conscious, and those who wish to astrally project or leave their bodies behind for a deeper introspective walk. Strongly associated with the MOON or LUNA. Silver has also been known across the ages as the bane for many races when forged into weaponry; as small objects it can deter lesser negative magicks sent your way.
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