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...of Stones part 3

The Guide to Specific Stones

When using stones as noted in spell, rituals, or crafting them into Talisman, or even when just carrying it around in your pocket or gifting it to a friend (or potential foe!), it is important to note that some stones just work better in other areas.

Adventurine: Money, Healing, Creativity, Decisiveness, Growth (Physical) and Success. **Note!** Be very careful when using Adventurine for Growth, whether on the elements themselves, humans, animals, or even yourself! It should be used very sparingly!

Amber: SUN, AURORA, Clarity, Confidence, Discipline, Memory, Uplifting
Amethyst: Sobriety, Healing, Decision-Making
Black Tourmaline: Protection (specifically against Words/Negativity)
Diamond: Fidelity
Emerald: GAIA, Balance, Heart, Insight
Fire Opal: Fae-Folk Summoning, Heart, Fire (Action, as in "All Fired Up")
Garnet: Gentle Energy, Loyalty (Loud/Present), Passion, Love, Self-Esteem
Hematite: Grounding (Lesser), Focus, Practicality, Clarity, Problem Solving, Confidence
Ivory: Spirtual Protection on all sides, from all sides. **Use sparingly lest you miss the blessing of your god or goddess!**
Jade: Practicality, Wisdom, Loyalty, Attunement
Lapis Lazuli: Third Eye, Wisdom, Truth, Psychic Ability, Healing, Strength
Moonstone: MOON, LUNA, Feminity, Balance, Soothing, Peace of Mind, Hormonal Balance, Selflessness
Obsidian: Fire (the Element)
Onyx: Fertility **Note!** This REALLY works! Use it only if absolutely sure this is the path you wish to take!
Opal: Secrecy, Memory (Distant Past)
Pearl: Focus (Lesser), Feminity, Peace of Mind, Purity, Gentleness
Peridot: Repels Evil, Calming, Prevents Anger, Healing **Note!** This stone has been known to send ALL those with evil or malicious intent towards you in their hearts to go running from your presence! Use at your own risk!**

Quartz: Physical Energy, Growth (mental), Intensifies other Stones, Magical Powers, Canceler. **Note!** When another is under the influence of a minor spell or charm, Quartz can be used to temporarily relieve the effects, but unknown as to how long. Use with great care and choose your Quartz wisely!!
Quartz, Rose: Compassion, Forgiveness, Love, Sexuality, Canceller.
Quartz, Smokey: Absorbs Negativity, Grounding, Canceller.
Ruby: Repels poisons violently. Vigor, Vitality, Courage.
Sapphire: Prophecy.
Sodalite: Clarity, Calming, Thought.
Tiger Eye: Courage, Protection, Grounding, Luck, Travel (Physical), Travel (Magical), Travel (Astral).
Topaz: Growth (Spiritually or to 'Bond'), Healing, Protection, Creativity
Tourmaline: Electricty, Understanding, Objectivity
Turquoise: Thought (Emotional), Friendship, Balance, Strength, Vitality (Lesser)

Other Notes/My Experiences

HEMATITE by far, as noted above, is my favorite stone. I would highly encourage any who voyey into this practice to make this their first 'expensive' find, but by no means let it rule you (unless you wish it; some take to Black stones quicker, and master them better than any other color in the spectrum. Black DOES NOT mean 'Evil' and White 'Good', so get that foolish notion out of your head now!). Those who let themselves be 'ruled' by the stones they keep are self-evident: they will take on most if not all the traits, for good or for ill, associated with the stone.

Color plays a large part of it, too. You would not see a Seer wearing an Onyx ring dressed in bright Yellow, nor would you catch a servant in the green of Gaia sporting an amulet made of Amethyst (although you may find a bard doing so).

In the cases of the Fire Opal, since you asked about it: Yes, I did successfully summon the Fae Folk with a large chunk of it. However, it return for each summon, the Fae Folk would chip off a small piece of it until I had but a sliver left. I fashioned it into a pendant and wear it about my neck for every Fae holiday, and although they come and visit now and again; tis by their own wish, and not mine (lest I need that pendant in a pinch and have wasted it frivolously!).

In the cases of Binding Rituals: Coronets and Circlets are a great and dangerous way of Entrapment for a Being of Etheral make (like a Ghost, or a Shade from another plane), or to Entrap a Spirit or Soul from these Realms. They are dangerous, however, because in the making of them there is a good chance that you, yourself, might get trapped! I've lost many a good Sister to this: fashion Entrapments with care!

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