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Zemarx felt in Thorne Valley

Unto the people of the Realms. (5/28/1007)

We send this missive to request your help. For some time now,
those recently deceased have been getting back up as undead. Once they
arise, these undead have been going about their lives as normal.

Before the Green and Gold Tournaments the forces of Dark and Zirmarx
invaded the eastern half of Thorne Valley. His forces have been
committing atrocities in our land. They are burning crops, pillaging
and razing villages, and conscripting undead Valley dwellers. Worst of
all, any living people they come across are tortured and impaled on
The scouting parties we originally sent to the area did not come
back. A smaller group of us went into the area more recently. Only a
of few us escaped with our lives. The warriors chasing us stopped at
the old border of Hemenshire. Had they continued Thorne Valley would
be completely overrun by now.
We ask the forces of the Realms to come together to drive back
and defeat the blight on our lands. Please bring your magics and your
force of arms so we may tell Dark and Zirmarx that their barbaric
aggression will not be tolerated. Anyone wishing to offer their
assistance should reply via elf mail.

Thank you.

Yours in service.
Duchess Gwendolyn Softshadow of Thorne Valley.
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