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Sir Dark's Letter (06/07/07)

The following is dispatched by courier to anyone known to have a title, in a black sealed scroll case. The wax seal upon the case is dark blue, and has an intricate D crest.

IC -

Unto Sir Kwartz of Folkstone, and all nobility of the Realms,

I do with heavy heart inform you I must break my pledge to you. For those whom know not, the pledge was to remain within Idaris until Zermarx was dealt with. This pledge was made in exchange for the safe harbor of those willing members of Idaris within Bloodshed Forest in Folkstone. In a short while, I depart as my lord orders. I trust you can and will understand the situation. You all may label me oath breaker. I can do naught but embrace this new title, and hope that my forced hand shall not compromise the intent of the agreement we made.

May your blades chip and shatter.

Sir Dark Kal'Amar
General of Zermarx
Arch-Duke of Blackwood
Viscount of Idaris
Knight of the Steward
Knight of Blackwood
Warlord of Chaos

OOC - as on the outside an identical wax seal adorns the bottom of the scroll.
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