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Malcolm's... Plea

Type of Missve: Paper Parchment
Date: Unknown, most likely pre-1007
Responses: Unknown
Trust me or don't. just hear me out.

The armies of Xermarx is moving. Some kind of magical beacon is being created that will drag all of the undead to one spot, ready to destroy.

Here's the worst part. I am being affected. Whether I want to or not, I will be among corpses and cultists attacking you.

I know there are those among you who have decided I'm the enemy. And I know how this will look. But I'm helping you now. I've helped you before. And If I live, my petty, selfish want of freddoml will lead me to help you again and again.

This kind of sucks for me. The way I see things I lose no matter what. If Xermarx wins, the cult will notice me standing there and destroy me. If Your army wins, either your troops kill me or the retreating Cultists do.

Here's my plan:

I tell you where the army is going to strike, so you have strong defenses ready. When you see me, during the battle, do not talk to me, just drop me. I'm just a puppet at that point. When your side wins, you look for my body on the ground as you search for your won dead. And you get me back up. Both healing and necromancy still work on me, hence my plight.

You won't have time to prepare if I withold the information, waiting for agreement. So I'm just going to tell you and hope for the best.

The cult plans to give some payback to the McKrye's, and destroy the castle at Qua Tarraeth Nunna. They should arrive by nightfall of this Saturday, at the latest. This will be a major assault, Bring every weapon and spell you have. Many peoples lives and freedoms, including mine, depend on it.

Good luck,

Tags: Personal Account, Historical Account, Non-Player Character, Monster Type
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