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Octavian's Report (3/1007)

Hilt of the Earth

I had to make a decision. The majority of those upon this quest sat around discussing the philosophy of what to do with the hilt. It was in my possession. Trusted to keep it safe.

And as they talked, the merchant began to leave. This means 1 of 3 things could happen:

1) she would report what transpired and the Baron would find more powerful and direct ways to obtain it. It is obvious he is powerful and has many resources. I do not like the unknown coming out of the dark. It's why I walk it.
2) We kill her and keep the weapon. We would have to kill her for her silence. He would assume the quest lost, or find the Hilt destroyed. As a collector, as was told, he may stop at that point and drop the quest. Very doubtful in retaliation; it's not good business. This option, however is not acceptable. She is a merchant and intermediary. My conversations with her have proven her to be good at what she does, but she is just paid for this and has no other part, doesn't want to know any more. To kill her is a crime itself and I will not kill someone that does not deserve it.
3) The exchange is made. We are given the chest, she makes her way back and exchanges the item.

This is the crux of the matter. It is inferred that if there is a cursed hilt, the rest would be cursed or worse. By itself, this item had powerful magics about it. That makes the rest of his collection, and the obtaining of the other pieces. This item is the only way to track the rest, remove a more powerful bad than just the hilt.

The solution is hard and I will take a hit for it. The trust must be broken no matter what is done, and a cost will be paid for it. And while to the Crew it will be unpopular a decision, the request of the merchant has been made. I have to think fast and act fast.

...I had to run and not to take the treasure; that was sent back and is a poor end and payment for such a hard loss of the Crew. But I have to move fast to track her.

And so I tracked the merchant through the snows and across the lands. Spyder has been slightly faster on the trail of tracking her. Both of our missions: to find out where the Hilt would go, where the Merchant has gone, if she was truly a merchant.

Sadly, speed means he was too open. He lost them in Paradise. (End Page 1)

...she has made her way to SilverPort in Gwenethlyn. The drop was made to the Baron himself, according to the wharf and dock keepers. I have some time: I believe tracking them both will not prove difficult: he owns his own ship and the Logs will show the ship's name, where it is going, etc.. I will track the merchant and then swing around. The seas are treacherous this time of the year and they will take more care.

THE BARON. (obtained from the workers and guards that have worked with him) Older man, Cattle merchant, has extensive wealth and lands, based on ship hold records. No problem asking around to possibly be a cartographer on his vessels: he is a "generous man" and well respected by the sailors as a fair and good man, will not stand for more than excellence and pays well for service well done. Much to the disdain of some of the well, others I have known. He wears the Red and Black, heraldry is similar to Achoria but not exact. The ship sails for Draconia. Best bet he has lands there.

He has two Henchmen. One named Iver, the Other named Vanni. They are *extremely* loyal, based on the stories I have heard, and the folly of those who have tried to get close to the Barron through them. I have no other information on them for now.

The ship sails tomorrow, and the merchant is a half day ahead. In this snow and now that I know her patterns, she is still traceable. I have some time. Besides, her initial destination is clear: she left her manservant behind in Paradise. She will return there.
...she stayed the night in SilverPort; my luck.

...As expected, she went to the Temple of Luna to rejoin with her manservant. They prayed for a while there.

...tracked them went North through Idaris. I can't slip past the undead: the trail has grown cold. As much as learning about her would be beneficial and to see if she is potentially obtaining other pieces (if the need is there), and as much as killing the undead is fun, they bogged me down. My trail is cold enough too, for anyone behind me. Time to make the land route to Draconia. If he is as rich as he seems, I don't think I will have locating a Barron.

...the ship landed a day or so before me: took a bit to slip beyond the guards and my coin has left me a little light in the purse, but I am through.

...His lands are Vast indeed. I have talked to the serfs and farmers he rules over. (End Page 2)


The peasants see him as a good and generous man as well. He has never treated any of the people I have talked to with cruelty, even in the times of the famine a decade ago.

They found out recently he is moving his entire stock with him to Teng Hua. He seems to already have lands there (no real surprise: he is a very, very rich man it seems). The movement of his whole business, and via ships, has been expensive, which shows his determination.

He is not taking his people and he releasing them. Anyone who wishes to keep their land is welcome to do so, but they must pay for it. A majority will remain. The rumor is he already has his new support and will be unloading the cattle for a "new venture". Not uncommon, but the large change of scene is.

...I have talked to some of the better off people in the various town supporting him. He has lived in Southern Draconia his whole life. He and his Henchmen have worked hard and are hard workers to not only gain a very reputable approval and has kept his people thriving while others around him have declined. He has told some that he no longer wishes to be in these lands, mostly because there are less and less nobility there, which has put a strain on him and resources, enough to make him leave the lands he loves. Some claim that it has something to do with the rule of Draconia, Sir Sean O'Quinlan, but this has not been verified by none close enough to either the Barron or Sir Sean.

BARON VanDyke: extensive cattle and a very avid collector. The sheer amount of rare items that have come through the Ship Hold Manifest if proof of that. Again, no signs of cruelty towards others and has worked very hard with his people.

HENCHMEN Iver and Vanni are not Henchmen per se. At the Time of the invasion of the Drow from Nifelhiem, their parents were slain, making them orphans. He took them in and treated them and grew them as his sons. They too are hard workers and are loyal to a fault.

...Despite all the information I have discovered, no one was able to say specifically where he resides. He has *many* estates even on his lands. I have seen some of them, but they are empty. More than likely guest houses, summer homes, places for entertainment, etc. These kind of estates usually have all the noble's brought with via carriages when they plan to occupy them, for whatever time period that may be. He definitely is rich enough for this possibility. (End Page 3)

...My time and trail has run out here: it is late spring and I have been unable to find out any more. The search is too vast and as it is I am exposing myself much more than I should. So the place to wait, and to find the hilt and his other items, will be Teng Hua. This is a large endevour for him and will take time. The best opportunity will be to sit tight and keep track of movements through Teng Hua.

...As I have suspected, the people that trusted me on the quest are looking for me and will most likely try to scalp me. Well, they will have to wait a while: I still want to keep a closer watch on Teng Hua, which means remaining close for the time being, and remaining under the inquisitive eyes. My checking has not shown my recon to have been detected. I would prefer it that way for now.

There will be a price to pay, I'm sure. (End Page 4)
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