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Elemental Artifacts Patterns

As I've gathered my own notes on the subject together from various adventurers, there seems to be a pattern here:

One - there's always some woman dressed nicely, with a violet cloak upon her back. She has a manservant who is dressed plainly, and rarely speaks (if he speaks at all). She is always employed by someone to acquire an artifact, and is willing to pay handsomely a small group of adventurers to retrieve it for her.

Two - The artifacts so far seems to always be the Something of Element. So far, adventurers have come across the Hilt of Earth, the Songs of Ice, the Mantle of Air, the Heart of Fire, and (myself with Ged Loremipsum and Demetria Highwater) the Orb of Spirit.

Three - whenever people go after these artifacts, there seems to be 'copies' of other adventurers that show up, some-times bearing numbers on their forehead, one through five.

The majority of the artifacts, it is said, lie within the hands of the Kingdom of Aerenor. The Hilt was actually returned (much to the disapproval of the Adventurer's Guild at the time). The Orb of Spirit's whereabouts to me are currently unknown. - Sir Iawen Penn
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