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Teachings of the Dark

Author: Kreanna Felblade
Date: April 28, 1008
The Sundering

All was One.

The All was perfect. It was everywhere and infinite. There was nothing that was not part of the All. The All was omnipotent and omniscient. It was without feeling, without care and without need.

This perfection was broken with but a single thought. "What am I?". In that moment of consciousness, the perfection of the All was broken. In that instant Light and Dark were birthed, separate from the All and from each other. As they acknowledged one another, the two became cemented in their difference from the All.

The Light looked upon the Dark and shunned it. What was this? The Light became startled at the Darkness before it. It saw the Dark before it and called it "Void" for the Light could not fill it, surround it nor penetrate it. It wished this being before it would be no more and tried to destroy it. The Light did not remember how it came to be and it did not remember the unity of the All.

The Dark looked upon the Light and moved to envelop it. What was this? The Dark looked upon the Light with pity. The Light was painful to gaze upon, burned with fury and rage. It did not remember the All or that it was but a part of the infinite, but the Dark remembered. Determined, it reached out to the Light intent on joining with it once more. It knew that trying to destroy or deny the Light would only prevent the return to the perfection of the All.

As the Light tried to conquer the Dark and the Dark tried once more to join with the Light, another sundering took place. From the conflict of such opposites arose the concept of self, alike and dis alike. A thousand concepts were born from that instant, further fractioning away from the All. Ideas such as Order and Chaos split away, and eventually things which others would call emotion, ideas and even Gods.

The tactics of the Light have changed little over the millenia for it still seeks to hold influence over everything it touches. The names and ideals are much the same except where it has evolved to blind the lesser creatures with it's need of "self" and it's desires of "separation" and "creation". Many cultures see the Light as a nurturing influence, for it is the Light that gives them warmth and creates fire to protect them. These people propagate the influence of the Light as they explore, conquer, settle and rear their young. Pity those that cling to the Light's false words. For the more this influence spreads, more are taken away from rejoining the All. Through pretty words and false promises are those naive ones entices by the ideals of the Light.

The Dark, referred to as the Dark One, wishes nothing more than to have everything rejoin the All. The Dark One is not a person or singular entity, but rather refers to the Dark "oneness" and the return to the the perfection of the All. The truth and teachings of the Dark One have been lost for centuries. Very few know the truth of the Dark and the Light and it is only in recent memory that the other side of the coin was revealed to those that follow the Light blindly. Ancient texts have been buried and those worshipers of the Dark One have kept themselves hidden until a time where the true purpose of the Dark One could be known by all and Its followers move freely in this world doing Its work.

The spirit energy in the world, and in all worlds, is finite. All creation, including Light and Dark, contain this power within themselves. As a creature dies, this power is released. Flowing free and without guidance it is taken by the Light and used to create new life. The Dark one collects this power and consumes it, taking it into Itself and make it part of Its being. With every piece of anger, source of power or soul consumed the Dark One brings these pieces together and closer to the unity of the All.

The concept of Gods and worshipers has evolved as the peoples of this world give names to forces of nature and even ideas. To say that the Dark One is a god can be taken two ways. If one perceives the definition of a god as a powerful being outside the scope of mortals, then perhaps the Dark One is a god. In recent times, the Dark One has been known as a god for the simplicity of the layman. Those new to the concept and ideas of the Sundering as put as ease by the familiar terms of gods, worshipers and priests. In order to survive, those who do the Dark One's work have adopted this structure and way of thinking. To those who truly know the Dark One, the Dark One simply Is.

Teachings of the One

"Do not seek death, but have no fear when your time comes."

"Be an extension of the Darkness. When you die, you will be rewarded by returning to the perfection of the All."

"Seek power where it resides, claim it and make it your own. For when you die, everything you have taken will be made part of the All."

"Beware the false promises of the Light. Teach those who would listen to the truth and remain firm in your belief."

"Do not seek death, but have no fear when your time comes. When you die, you will be rewarded by returning to the perfection of the All."

Death comes for all living beings, for that is the nature of this world. There is no life after death waiting patiently for newly departed souls. The truth of what comes after life is nothing. As you were born from nothing, so too shall you return to nothing. When you die you will return to the Dark One so that you may rejoin the perfect harmony of the All. The All is the only immortality and the only thing that will exist when death comes for this world and for all worlds.

Do not seek death. The Dark One has given you a task which has to be done. Do not throw away your duty to reunite everything with the All. If you are careless with your life, you are careless with the gift of doing the Dark One's work. In doing so, you propagate the power of the Light. When your death comes for you, embrace it, knowing that perfection awaits you. In times of need you may be called back from the brink of death, denied the reunion with the All. Do not be bitter and do not despair. When the time is right, you will be embraced by the Darkness.

"Be an extension of the Darkness. Seek power where it resides, claim it and make it your own. For when you die, everything you have taken will be made part of the All."

The Darkness resides in you and it remembers well the unity of the All. By accepting the fate of all things and accepting the Darkness, it is your duty to ease the reunion of all things to One. There is a finite amount of energy in all worlds. The Light would take that and continue to make new life, new creations separate from each other, to further remove then from the All. By taking the power for yourself, you also take it for the Darkness. What the Darkness has claimed, the Light cannot touch. When you die and return to the All, so too will the power you have claimed. The Dark One, and by extension, the All will grow more powerful.

"Beware the false promises of the Light. Teach those who would listen to the truth and remain firm in your belief."

The Light has propagated in this world by playing on the fears of mankind. Light would have you believe that a glowing afterlife awaits you and seeds false hope that change can come to the universe. This is false. As a follower of the Dark One, you know the lies for what they are.

Teach all those with an open mind. A tiny seed of Darkness resides in all beings and it remembers the purity of the All. Nurture that seed so that it may grow into true understanding. Some would see followers of the Dark One as evil, greedy devourers thinking nothing of others. What we do, we do not because of "good" or "evil", "right" nor "wrong", but because that is the true way bring peace to the universe. Let not fear or hatred fuel your actions. Instead, face each task with conviction. Be firm in your beliefs. If they refuse to see the truth, let them die and claim their power as your own. Move on to the next task and dwell not on the lies spread by those who do not know better.

Beware those that would turn you from your path. For every one that claims the Dark One as his patron and betrays Its teachings with their selfish acts, they undermine us and turn others against us. To embrace the Dark One is not to embrace your own selfish desires. Those that do do a diservice to the One and should be turned back to the true path. Sadly, there are those who would resist this and do the Light's work in the name of the Dark One. There are few enough of us that know the truth of the One without this subversion.

To walk the path guided by the Dark One is no easy feat, but then again, nothing meaningful and worthwhile is ever easy. I pray that my words strengthen your resolve. Though we can be silenced, the truth is always there for others to find it.

Order of the Revenents
1008, April 28

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