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First Sermon

Type of Missve: public missive
Date: March 27, 1003
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The Coming Darkness

The time is near; exactly how near the Dark One alone can tell us. I cannot.

What I can do is describe that time, and what will happen, so you may rejoice and make ready.

The four Eternals will gather their combined might in one place for the last time. All life, death, knowledge and desire will be held on one world, in one time, for one purpose. The Eternals will battle to decide the shape of all reality.

All the lives, all the forces, all the gods who once were, will exist as only as parts of the four Eternals: The Dark, The Light, Neid, and Ril. The soul of every being that ever lived in the cosmos will have been absorbed into the bodies of these Four. The weak, the insignificant, will lose their identities, add their combined energy into their Eternal. Stronger beings will be able to manifest, becoming avatars, extensions of the Eternals.

The eons of war and labor will culminate in two prodigious battles; The first will determine the nature of the second. The battle between Ril and Neid will be the proving ground for order against chaos; each one will fight to the submission of the other. If Neid is Victorious the final conflict of Dark versus Light will be lawful, with champions, generals and honorable combats. If Ril is Victorious, that conflict will be nearly devoid of structure. Wits and speed will command; stealth and strength will champion. Light and Dark will lord over the field as the fate of everything is revealed.

As the followers of Neid and Ril fall, Light and The Dark One will gather them and sway each one to their cause. Every spark of life has a part to play in the universal endgame. Every eye, every heart and Every speck of matter will be needed. Those who truly understand calm, happiness and contentment will freely join the Dark Side. Only the deluded, the confused and frightened children will honestly cling to Light. Mortal life is so precious to the uninformed. We, acolytes of the Dark One, must show the true way to salvation, or that last battlefield will be costly indeed. The pain and unhappiness that Light’s victory could bring to all life, mortal and Immortal, is woe like no balladeer could ever sing, like no blade could ever inflict.

The time will come. Will you make the right choice?

-As always, I will avail myself of questions from anyone. The Dark One's words are mine to share, not to seclude.-

-Chakra, Priest of the Dark One
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