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Borderlands: A shaman woman was attacked crossing the borders from The Great Swamp to Tarngire. The attack was halted by a stranger, but the attackers were seen going underground and no pursuit could be made.

Near towards Lost Lake Tavern, and along the Road to Thorne Valley: A bard has come through the local taverns, singing praises on his mandolin about a kitsune fighter and Magus Bright OakFellow, who together with might and magic stopped a village from being raided a day or more ago.

South of Tarngire: Outside the Ruins of Silmataurae, a ghostly woman lies weeping and singing to those that have ventured near.

North Paradise: Villages around Kerah-Rime have reported harrassment from roaving packs of black furred wolves often accompanied by a single human male who they seem to listen to. Whenever approached the man flees laughing into the forest with the wolves following in his wake and defending his escape.

SouthEast Realms: A well dressed woman walking the roads and traveling between Teng Hua and Paradise is making strange inquiries to those who passed by. She claimed to be from a place called Red Autumn. She had been asking the year, the date, about a creature named "Lucas" and a man and a woman that she claims to have visited at one time. She would not talk to anyone who clearly could cast magic save healers, whom she called "The Devout".

Southwest of Rhiassa: There is an abandoned town between the Periden and Lyon's Keep that is surrounded by a supernatural, white glow at all hours.

Tuath Fasach, due North of Coal Town: A young man by the name of Donovan Quinn has been reported missing, after locals visited his home seeking to trade for furs. Quinn had been living in a small cabin alone near the edge of the town borders for the last year, and was a fur trapper by trade. The local authorities found no evidence of foul play at his home; only dead embers in the fireplace and a half-eaten meal on the table. The mysterious disappearance has left many worried about the safety of their homes.

Tuath Fasach, Southwest of Victory: The site of an unusual incident last July, the House of Lupin Gray, has recently drawn attention to itself. The owner of this property has evidently hired workers who are willing to do heavy repairs and renovation of the house, despite the cold weather of this time of year. Those who have ventured closer to investigate the loud noises of construction have noted that the workers seem to be completely covered in metal armor. These workers have been seen by curious locals to be working on the house at all hours, occasionally with the supervision of young men and women dressed in many pouches (and many warm, colorful layers).
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