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Near to Revenant Island: A ship flying the colors of black and gray, and some other odd heraldry was seen sailing to the South/South East. While it looked like an older boat, it was very swift and seemed to practically skim the water as it made headway into the Eastern Seas.

South/South West of the Aspis Nor Mountain Range: An odd, wavy pattern of lights at twilight have been seen in the skies above the mountains, as if the very gods themselves were changing the Natural order of things. Shooting stars have been seen in abundance across these realms, and many a child and new adventurer have wished on them for better tidings, better skills, or in achieving their dreams.

Ruins of Silmataurae, south of Tarngire: From afar, a scout reports what looks like small amount of UnDead shuffling about the ruins. He also has heard ghostly singing, wailing, and harsh cries and curses in a tongue that seemed elvish. Heading north towards the borders, travelers are warned about a few of the chaos gates that are in the lands of the Barony of Tarngire, and ought to take care if insisting on camping outside at night rather than finding suitable shelter indoors.

On the road from Wendmor Ruins to Eagle's Rook: A ghostly priest has been haunting the road by night, asking any traveler if one wishes to be blessed for the road ahead.
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