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Corsica: While the weather is snowy or rainy generally across the Realms in this season, the entire island itself is experiencing balmy weather, with just the right amount of rain and/or sunshine day in and day out. Construction on a building in the southwestern portion of the island has begun earnestly.

Eastern Seaboard: Some sea captains have set into ports along the coast, claiming 'sea tremors'. There has also been a high amount of fog on the ocean, recently.

Across the Realms: Some communities in the unclaimed lands around the Realms have reported portions of their winter stores of grain ruined by some sort of red moss. The moss makes the grains inedible/unusable and they have ended up having to be destroyed.

West of Fey Reach: Activity in the form of 'dancing blue lights' have been seen by those traveling along the river's edge down to the western paths.
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