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Harlest's Plea (1/22/1006)

Dear Realms,
I have recently been speaking with Tom Rime and have noted his willingness to offer his assistance in whatever endeavours we may undertake in the time which he is strongest (sometime within the next couple of weeks).

However, I have not yet seen a solid plan, and, lacking sufficient information on the subjects involved (points of power, Tom Rime's illustrious past, and other things adventurers may have experienced near Tom's "point" and others...) am having difficulty coming up with a plan myself. (I've got one, but I doubt it's usefulness if there is already information out there on the Death point.)

I can only think of four out of the five points, I always forget the fifth one for some reason. Ice, Death, Corruption, Balance... Argh! I hate forgetting that last point! Hate it hate it hate it! It's not fire... or life. I guess whatever powerful geomancer that plotted this out didn't think like I do.

Anyway, would all keepers of information and plans related to Tom Rime, the points and other recent discoveries please contact me privately?

In addition,
Brighthammer, could you please also send me a private missive? I need to sit down and talk to you; you were (obviously) preoccupied at the feast when I last saw you.

Thank you Realms.
~Love, Harlest
Protector of Silverthorne
Arrow Caddy
Amateur Quest Organizer
Ice (Tom), Death (Wild Woods), Corruption (Fian Di), Balance (unknown keeper) and lastly, Shadow (Tom).

In Service, but with no 'plan',

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