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Author: Tom Aqua'nassi
Date: Nov. 30, 1012 (Modern Age)
I have, in the past, hesitated to comment further on my own history. The reason, I am chagrined to admit, is simply that I have long known that my own memories have not been reliable for many years. This is a hard thing to admit, but now that I have confirmed I know that my duty is to the truth.

In the earliest ages of man, there lived a mortal who somehow mastered a great magic of such a scope as to be rare among mortals across the many ages. He was able to harness the Ley Lines of the world, and weave them into great rivers of magic. He took scattered wisps of power, connecting places of power, and somehow bent them to his will, carving patterns across the very surface of the Realms. Where others might inscribe a spell on a scroll, his would show up only on maps.

This Geomancer was able to complete his greatest work while civilization was barely opening its eyes. He created the great Pentagram of Power that is spoken of otherwise. Five great points of power, at the intersection of enormous torrents of energy bound to particular elements. It's important to realize that it was the lines that were fundamental. For instance, Ice was the intersection of elements one might name Solidity and Flow. (I note only now that this paradox might explain my later affinity for certain Fae.)

I have explained before that I was created as Guardian of the so-called "Ice Point" and that I myself am, first and foremost, not a man, not a mage, but myself simply a spell. I know now that this is true.

There came a time, perhaps centuries later, but still in the First Age of civilization, and thus the First Age of Faerie, that my role was for a time superfluous. There was no need to guard, and thus no need for a guardian. I wandered, I believed at random, and found myself aware of another world growing beside our own. It's nature was wonderfully different and paradoxical. I was especially pleased to realize it was unmappable, and thus truly foreign to me.

Entering this world, I soon met The Queen-- Mab, or Maevhe. I saw in her eyes, a strange recognition, as if she knew me. I realized later, she simply reminded me of someone. Once again, I have said this before, but must repeat it, as I know it to be true:

I am not Thomas the Rhymer.

When I arrived in Faerie, the Queen was still mourning the loss of a mortal love-- I believe her first. She spoke longingly of him by many names-- Thomas the Rhymer, Tam Lin, Thomas Lane, or True Tom.
I will simply say that Her Majesty took a shining to me. She found my lack of humanity, or Fae passions, amusing. She found my passing resemblance to Old Tom... Well, in truth, I believe she found it painful, and deflected that feeling onto other things. Gentle, affectionate mocking was the most common tone.

This is where I get the name that you know me by. Rime is a kind of ice, and so she named me Tom Rime to mock me for being, I suppose, not quite enough like the true Rhymer. She gifted me with his sword, Rhymers Oath. She allowed me a place by her side. She taught me the first emotion I would know, Love, and the last, Longing.

I spent some time in the Courts of Faerie. I watched the Queen's sometimes distant romance to her King, and many more besides. Thankfully, I had not learned jealousy from my Queen. Her bonds grew with Rosetta, a Cnuic na Sidhe, Gwydion, the original Rel, and her Handmaiden. I saw myself as her faithful Champion, though I know not if many in the Courts accepted me as anything of the sort.

For a long time, my memory of the next stage of my life was deeply blurred. I know now that I was tricked, drawn by illusion and glamour, by the fae-touched sorceress Morgana, who pretended to be my Queen. She lured me out of Faerie, to distant lands, and kept my mind addled enough to maintain the illusion for literal millennia-- until the adventurers of the Realms wandered to that far away land, seeking the Sangrail. I believe it was this trickery that clouded my memory for so very long, even after she was defeated. It was at that time that I allowed a group of five such adventurers to defeat me, that my energy might be used to restore the Myrddin. I made an oath then never to harm the Realms, or its people.

The next chapter of my life covers the past decade or so, as I came to remember my connection to Periandros and the Pentagram, as the adventurers and enemies of the Realms vied for control of it (and often, me). In time, word arose of the return of Mab, and her true loss soon after. In time, perhaps I will tell that tale as well. For now, I wished mostly to set the record straight on who I am.

I was The Periandros, Guardian of Solidity and Flow.
Then, I was Tom Rime, Champion of Queen Mab.
For a time, I was lost.

I am Duke Tom Aqua'nassi of Hibernia, Champion of the Queen that Was.

I will not lie, or knowingly do harm to the Realms. I will always strive to do as I think my Queen would think best.
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