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Neden vs. Folkestone (1004)

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 1004
Responses: no
King Jarrod,

Folkestone brought me into the Realms. I stayed in your camps, trained with your people, and at times considered petitioning. It was Two years later, in your lands, that the founding of Neden was announced. Two of our founding members have worn your colors; two more have followed your current viceroy in his endeavors. I have taken cues from your lead time and time again. I have forever considered Folkestone the older brother.

Some time ago there were unfortunate issues that affected our relationship. Issues that I feel Neden gave more then was necessary to accommodate Folkestone. You did not agree and communication between us broke down. I have always been open to hear what you have to say and strive to meet your terms, no sword in hand.

I am truly sorry it had to come to this. I am not at all happy with what you have forced me to do. I urge you to reconsider your position of treaty with Neden. When this war is over, no more will your people be harmed and all valuables will be returned. I look forward to one day retaking the field on your side.

Cordially Yours,
Tallon of Neden
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