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Spring 1004

May 21st

Champion Sir Elwick,
High Priestess Quazar,
and other faithful:

        We went in to do good. Mistakes were made, and we stood up again to
put it right. Sometimes, that is what life is, over and over. What
matters is the good we do, the lives we save, the change we effect.

        The Five Ladies were not the first gods to show the King of Corruption
that our faiths are not powerless against him. They will not be the
last. The Realms are showing that from individuals, to countries, to
religions, to the gods themselves, we will not back down.

        Thank you, my friends, for showing me things I would not have learned
on my own. It was an honor to stand beside you again. May we do so many
times more.

Hierophant Nero


       Stones crack, and
    hanging gardens rot.
  'Tis only change that changes not.
  There's one enduring truth to learn:
    That things will change. The
       wheel will turn.
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