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God of Pain is Mocked

(sent en masse to the Realms)

Hello gentlemen.
            I'm sher you remember me. I was not pleased with what you
did to
 my follower Grendin. His soul belongs to me. You disturbed my balance.
I'm coming for you. And I will find out who it was who took my Grendin.
 And that person's god will pay for what his follower did as well.
Yours Truly
 Owner of the Box
Bearer of The Hart Of Arkendrose
God of Pain and Evil

July 1st, 1004


        I honestly don't know what is funnier... A letter from someone who
claims to be "God of Pain and Evil", or that that person cannot spell
the words "disturber" and "sure". Is this part of a general trend in
low-quality villains in this modern age, or some sort of joke I'm not

Majordomo of Paradise
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