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"Around these parts..."

The Red Arrow Imporium has offices in most of the civilized realms.
You can likely find an outlet near you, and though you may need to make an appointment, most of our managers should be able to accomodate you.
If you wish to purchase hard to find commodities, from Unicorn Horn to Dragon Scale, we may be able to accomodate.
We have also been known to find such things as talking snakes, ideal for a familiar, the occasional live ki-rinn colt, and even a flying cat.
For the more mundane, pelts, skins and hides of various kinds can be purchased, from bear to sheep.
We also have a wide variety of common items from grain to wool to nails and such.
We don't much deal in livestock or items of power.

Our current main office is located in Black Cove.

And since I am making such a broad based announcement, I would like to remind those of you from the adventuring community of the bounties put out by the Red Arrow Imporium for the following:
Information and capture of the man known as Ghost. He is described as being tall and stocky, with sand-brown hair and piercing eyes. He often goes hooded, however, so this may be an error. Though this bandit has likely already been killed, as he and his cohorts have not surfaced for over a year, we would like to ensure that is the case. Turn in of the pelts of the beasts known as Dragon and Gato would also be rewarded.
Information about the woman known as Sarah. She was last seen at the gathering known as the 'Tournaments of the Blue Rose'. She is wanted alive and unharmed. Our diviners believe she is pregnant, so please handle her with care. She may be rather simple, and is rumored to be mute.
The hide, head, heart or whole of the creature known as Grendel. Though human in appearance, this beast is labled as quite dangerous, and a known grave-robber, assassin and theif. She is described as being dark haired, dark eyed, and bears a scar from the right to left side of her face.

- Marianna Butcher
Advertising Manager
Red Arrow Imporium
Portsmouth Branch (10/19/1004)
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