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Guilliam's Version of Grimloch

Author: Sir Guilliam
Date: 3/18/1003
Unto the Realms,

I will answer a lot of questions and tell you of the
Nation of Grimloch in this.

First, the heraldry. Grimloch is shown by the vampire
skull, surrounded by dragonwings, with a sword down
through it and the anarchy A on the skull.
-The skull represents the fight that we are fighting
right now. For those who dont know it, we are
currently questing for and fighting for the land where
we will set up. It is bloody overrun by undead and
vampires currently, and the skull will remind us of
the fight, sacrafice, and victory that claiming these
lands has been and will be. As a sidenote, Necromancy
is very illegal in Grimloch, so once we are a little
more stable in our borders, visitors please adhere to
-The dragonwings serve 2 purposes on the heraldry, as
I understand it. 1 is to always remind us of the
roots orf our nation and lord, as Folkstone also has
wings on their heraldry, and the other is to encourage
always striving for higher achievement.
-The sword is what rules the people of Grimloch. In a
case where there is unclarity on a wrong, or where a
law wasnt clearly broken but damage of some kind
ensued, there will be a trial by combat to determine
-and the Anarchy 'A'. Of course I am hearing a lot
about this. This represents our actions in combat. I
think that you will find the actions of Grimloch and
her people to be more lawful and orderly than just
about any nation I can think of in the realms. Once
someone draws Grimloch Blood, we fight to win.
'Flanking' manuvers and other manuvers that arent
necessarily honorable or polite, will be practiced,
and Grimloch will fight to win. Anarchy is not the
additude of Grimloch's people, but is the appearance
in combat. We are very orderly and militant, until it
is time to draw blades. Then, we will win.

Now, as for what we are doing now, well, My guard for
todays rest is about up, but right now, we are
erradicating the undead from our lands by night,
resting by day, and constructing what will be the
capitol of Grimloch.

Good night to you all, my friends, and I hope this
answered some of the questions i have been recieving.

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