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Vampires in Grimloch

written in fancy script, with expensive ink, on fine paper

Unto Sir Blade and his people

I am given to understand that you and yours are determined to
forge a new home within the lands known as Grimloch. I am
aware of how you have already destroyed one power being
that made its home within Grimloch. You may wish to know
that there are or were three powerful vampires dwelling
within the area you wish to call your home.
I believe we can be of use to each other. As a token of good
faith I am willing to show you the lair of one of the Vampires
that make their lair within that area. Its name is Abasol and it
is a very dangerous creature. But I know where of its lairs lies.
I am willing to provide a trail to said lair: a trail that will be
laid out so that you can persue the Vampire while it rests
during the day out of fear of the daylight. The trail will be
obvious in its crimson hue. Best of luck to you and yours.

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