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Inventory for TF

Author: unknown
Date: November 1000
November 1000, to Sir Pyr

Taking Stock


Helen Gardener (Advisor to the Castellan)
Marianne Gardener (Castellan)
Ginger Rosetta - Kitchen Manager

Servant/Maid/Cleaning other than kitchen related:
Matilda Wicker
Kathleen Grouse - carefully watched - mentally unstable
Jennifer Gardener (11)
Marcell Planter - Pyr's servant - a sturdy boy of 12.
Elizabeth Mitchel (13)

Dairy Workers:
Nel Planter (Dairy)
Racheal Planter (Dairy Help)
Carol Tallfellow (Dairy Help)

Lisa Patch
Barbara Pratchet

Kitchen Help, Day Shift: (evening meal)
Kelly Gardener
Diedre Cassel (works on pickling and other preserving)
Murial Gardener
Marianna Tuploo - cook
Renee Guffin - cook
Rianne Forest - cook/servant/general help

Kitchen Help, Night/Dawn Shift (breakfast)
Melinda Patch
Emma Plowrys
Michelle Walsh
Pricilla McCoun - cook
Silvia Farmer - cook/servant/general help

Scribe/Teacher/Historian/Librarian: None, we still need someone reliable.

Farming, full time:
Justin Hollybrook
Raymond Aaron
Stephen Pratt
Erika McCarthy
Theodore Emery

Forestry, hunting, forage: none permanent.

Crafters, Craftsmen (Castle supported/run):
Aborist: Apple trees being wrapped for winter.
Beekeeper: Hive production ended. End Page 1
Herbalist: Flu and colds dealt with. A few hunting accidents tended to.
Tanner: 8 skins toward castle stores.
Leather Worker: 4 suits of leather armor for watch added to castle stores.
Millers: Production at full.
Smokehouse: Production at full.
Potter: Business steady, new stock of pots and mugs added to castle stores.
Preserver: Production at full - several people assigned to help canning and jarring various foodstuffs.
Scribe: None. Still trying to find a good replacement.

Victory City/State:
  • Merchant Stalls in use: 22/64 (+2 renting merchants/20 'owned) - Trade is nearly gone with the approach of winter.
  • Peasant Homes in use: 45/127 - 35 are actually 'owned' by militia men with families. The other 10 are refugees trying to find a way to make their own home in the outer wall. It is hoped that they will have permanent lodging before the snow flies.
  • Petitions being refused. New Petitioners have requested a meeting with you (or a representative) to start a new community to the south east, near the river.
  • Peasant/Residential/Farm Plots in Use/Worked on: in use/claimed/available: 141/154/154.
  • Population: There are approximately 800 people living in Victory. Roughly 200 families of 4. Accurate census has not been kept.

    Farming: From Daniel Wicker:

    CASTLE FIELDS: Nothing to report.
    GREEN HOUSE YIELDS: The Castles' green house provides approximately 1 barrel of fresh produce per week, as well as some medicinal and spice herbs. Fresh produce is used as harvested.
    FORAGING AND HUNTING: The Foraging detail has harvested only 10 barrels of forage from the nearby forests over the last 2 months. Forage includes mushrooms, acorns, hazelnuts, wild apples, and other nuts and roots. There has been little to forage, as competition with other families is stiff, and the need is great. Few have been assigned to the task, more put toward finding firewood for the castle. Workforce used: Tax time work has been spent clearing some forest on the south eastern side of the outer wall, both to make room for future farms, and to gather firewood for the castle (and some residents) for the winter.
    PETITIONS: There are over 140 new petitions in the last 2 months. Mostly starving refugees from Folkestone. All have been turned away, some more forcefully than others.

    From ROBERT GREEN:End Page 2
    Current Militia:
    Mounted: 25
    Infantry: 70
    New Recruits: 10

    Colton: Work on Wall complete. Mining operation still closed, though they are rebuilding as well. Current Non-mining, non-militia population: 34. All homes have been repaired with help from local militia, and the stoneworkers.

    Total Inventory:
    - Castle Inventory: Castle Residents/Dependents: (108)

  • COWS: 26 milk cows, 11 Heifers, 1 bull, 12 calves
    11 milking cows - produce nearly 50 gallons of milk per day in 2 milkings.
    11 Heifers (bred in March. Will calve out in December.)
    - 1 heifer (will be bred in in December 00)
    - 1 heifer (will be bred in January 01)
    - 7 heifers (will be bred in February 01)
    - 3 Heifers (will be bred in April 01)
    - 1 heifer (will be bred in July 01)
    - 2 heifers (will be bred in August 01)
    November born: 8 male, 7 female (males to be slaughtered) (heifers to be bred in Sept 01)

    15 dried out in September, will Calve out in November, resume milking in December.
    11 Heifers will calve out in December, calve out in February, resume milking in March.
    5 will dry out in Dec., calve out in Feb., resume milking in March
    1 will be bred in Dec., will dry out in July, calve out in Sept., resume milking in Oct.
    5 will be bred in Jan., dry out in Aug, calve out in Oct, resume milking in Nov.

    One Bull *
    One Bull calf - born May 00
  • OXEN: 2 pulled trained oxen
  • CHICKENS: Hens: 450 Cock: 40
    Current Breeding Stock: 150 (gain @1800 new mature chickens per month)
    Egg Laying Stock: 300 (Egg Production: @ 300 per day, @2-3 eggs per person, per day)
    (Excess sold or bartered to needy families)End Page 3
    Hens: Gain @150 mature hens per week.
    Capons/Food: Eat @1800 capons/old hens per month. (Roughly 450 per week, mostly soup, occasional roasts.) (Roughly 50 used in the community meal on Tuesday)
  • SWINE: 27 sows. 5 boars.
    Piglets born in March 00: 5m, 12f (mature in Dec 00)
    - Born in July 00: 71. 5m. 26n. 40f. (mature in April 01)
    - Born in Oct. 00: 65. 5m. 34n. 25f. (mature July 01)
    Twelve new sows, bred in March, expecting Dec.
    Four sows, bred in Aug., expecting March.
    Five sows, bred in Nov., expecting August.
    Twelve young sows, to be bred in December, expecting October 01.
    Six sows, to be bred in January, should be expecting in November 01.
  • SHEEP: 45 female, 18 male. Wool made into cloth, and used to outfit castle staff.
    Females due in the spring.
  • HORSES: 12 Creathorne legal riding horses (produce 5 colts every year)*(OOC - I don't keep track of this at all.)
    6 mares (NCL)
    2 colts (march 999) (NCL)
    4 fillies (march 999)(NCL)
    3 colts (march 1000)(NCL)
    3 fillies (march 1000) (NCL)
    1 stallion (NCL)
    37 geldings (NCL)
  • *****************

  • ***********
    10,000 barrels of preserved/salted beef (will use @50 barrels a month, including community meals. May trade for other necessary items with townsfolk unable to get preserved supplies.)
    6,000 jars preserves (fruit and nut butters, pickles, jams, etc.) (Will use @400 jars a month, when fresh not available) (gained @6000 jars over last 2 months from the preservers' work, and new harvest.) (Has supplies for another 2000 jars of preserves)
    0 rounds Cheese - (use @21 rounds a week. Gain @21 rounds a week. No gain. Loss of milking cows due to births has severely lessened production.)
    1070 barrels Grains (Corn/Wheat): (Use @30 per month)
    4 barrel cooking oils (1 per month, for breads mostly) (bought 5 barrels)
    30 barrels cider/beer/wine: (60 per month, cooking and drinking.)
  • Purchased - been using water when possible. (Cider will be purchased soon in bulk when harvest done) (Recently purchased 250 barrels. Made 50 barrels.)
    11.5 gallons honey. (Use 2 gallons per month)
    0 Forage. (Use @ 140 gallons a month, if available. Been supplementing with other foods.)
    210 barrels corn (Use @30 barrels a month to conserve Grain)
    0 beans (We need to purchase seed for next season, do not grow beans.)End Page 4
    15 barrels fresh vegetables (Will be used before months' end.)
    210 barrels potatoes. (will be used later in winter, since they keep longer than other foods.) (May use roughly 10 barrels a month for variety.)
    70 barrels sweet potatoes (Use 10 barrels a month.)

    Current Dairy Assets:
    Produce @50 gallons of milk per day in two milkings.
    0 gallons are used for drinking (@1/4 gallon per person, per day.) (using water)
    20 gallons are used for cream, whey, yogurt, cooking and butter
    30 gallons toward cheese making. (@3 rounds per day - @21 rnds per week.)
    - Produce roughly 1.5 barrels a month, but no excess.

    three good sized, sturdy, horse or oxen-pulled carts
    4 two-horse medium wagon
    180 cord of dry wood available. (castle uses @10 cords a month - usage to increase as it gets colder)
    200 cords of green wood is drying for castle use this winter. Most of this wood was gathered fallen, or part of the clearing happening off the south-eastern wall.
    70 barrels of coal. Waiting for later use. (gain 10 barrels through taxes at beginning of each month - halted because of stop in coal production).
  • **
    Money Spent and Taxes Earned:
  • EBON: 32 gp - roughly 2 steer a week purchased for dragon food.
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS: Sold various items - 4 gp.
  • ROOM TAX: this month - 30 gp from Green Unicorn (if booked solid every night, max tax = 14 gp a week)
    - 10.7 gp from the "The Wander's Stop" (max-10gp a week)
    last month: 23.7 gp from Green Unicorn (if booked solid every night, max tax = 14 gp a week)
    - 9.2 gp from the "The Wander's Stop" (max-10gp a week)
    total tax: 73.6 gp

    RENT: +4 gp up this month, +12 gp last month

    'Renting' Craftsman:
    + 2 merchants
    Banjan's Cloth
    Noble Touch - Finery
    Money Changer

    Purchased Shops: nothing current.
    Purchased Residential Areas: none.
    Total Gain for Treasury: 5093.6 gp this period (5,000 gp from Eagle's Rook)End Page 5
    Castle Maintenance: 200 gp (25gp a week) (cider, food, supplies, misc.) - went unpurchased due to lack of available funds.
    Castle Staff/Guards: 292 gp (146 gp) (36.5 gp a week)

    total spent: 524 gp (over 2 months)
    total gained: 93.6 gp
    total gained for week: -430.4

    Current Treasury: 5851 gp + (5,000 recent addition), 18 sp, and 20 gems.
  • Taxes: (Collect next on December 1st)
    1 tapestry (traded for goods)
    10 barrels whole grain (added to stores, and eaten)
    Forage and game, eaten as arrived
    2 bolts cloth (being processed for clothing for the new guards by tailors)
    1 pc furniture (added to castle rooms)
    2 older steer (slaughtered for meat)
    9 pr shoes (distributed)
    @1500 days of labor per month - @50 people working for the castle in some capacity per day.
    Right now, labor works mostly on woodcutting, land clearing, and various winterizing tasks. Some work on building maintenance and other construction jobs. Some put to work with the preserver, others the glass blower.

    Swine: Producing. Slaughter as needed, but can have roughly 3-5 a month.
    Chicken: Producing. Capons and old hens: roughly 1800/moth or 60/day.
    Sheep: Producing. Slaughter as needed, mostly excess lamb in spring.
    Steer: Producing. Slaughter as needed, can have roughly 1/month.
    Game: Producing. Eaten as received.
    Salted Beef: In Stock - 10,000 barrels from Eagle's Rook. At 50 a month, we have enough for 2000 months! Most likely will only use 30 a month, so we only need 360 for next year. We'll likely trade off much of it for needed items, like cider, beer, ale, beans, rice, seed, and other supplies needed by castle staff.

    Eggs: Producing. (gain/eat roughly 300 a week)
    Milk: Producing. (depends greatly on schedule of cows)
    Cheese: Producing. (gain/eat roughly 1.5 barrels a month, all being used)

    Grain: In stock: 1070 barrels. Nearly 60 barrels a year will be used to feed chickens - mostly waste/leftover. Will likely use @300 barrels to make beers and ales. For 5 months, we'll roughly consume about 30 barrels a month (150 barrels). For 2 months, grain consumption will increase to roughly 60 barrels a month (120 barrels/270 total). The next 3 months will see an increase to 70 (210 barrels/480tot), unless supplemented by forage, and the last 2 months will go to 90 a month (180 barrels/660tot). Will use roughly 10 barrels as seed for planting next Spring, and will 'sell' roughly 10 barrels seed grain cheaply to new farmers that need the help. So, we need roughly 1040 barrels for next year, leaving us a 30-barrel leeway.End Page 6
    Corn: In stock: 210 barrels. At 30/month we have enough for 7 months, but it won't stay good that long. We will likely use @60 barrels to make cooking oils, so the corn will only last 5 months.
    Potatoes: In stock: 210 barrels. Roughly 10-30/month, we have enough for @10 months.
    Sweet Potatoes: In stock: 70 barrels. At roughly 10/month, we have enough for @7 months.
    Beans: In stock: 0 We hope to plant some in the Spring.
    Rice: In stock: 0 We can only import rice, it will not grow here.

    Fresh: Producing: 1 barrel per week, used as harvested.
    Preserves: In stock: 6,000 jars Preservers (fruit and nut butters, pickles, jams, etc.) Will use @400 jars a month, when fresh not available) (Gained @6000 jars over last 2 months from the preservers' work, and new harvest.) (Has supplies for another 2000 jars of preserves). Preserved supplies will last us roughly 20 months. May keep only 5000 jars, and use other 3000 for trade, or to help needy families.

    Milk: Producing. 0 right now, few milking cows available.
    Cider: In stock: 300 barrels. Use 60/month, will last roughly 5 months.
    Wine: In stock: 30 barrels. Use 2 per month - cooking only.
    Beer/Ale: In Stock: 0 (will be making roughly 300 barrels from grain)

    Cooking Oil: In Stock: 4 barrels. Use 1 per month, for breads mostly. Will make roughly 50 barrels soon.
    Honey: In stock: 11.5 gallon. Use 2 gallons per month. (Produce roughly 3 gallons/month between May & Sept.) Current stock will last for @6 months.
    Forage: In stock: 0. When available, we use @2 barrels a month.
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