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Banishment is the blade which was forged by the heroes of the Realms in their quest to slay Pathos the first time. After the Stone of the Wheel was assembled, the heroes used its control over time to quest for the scattered pieces of Banishment. With a blessing from the Guardian of the Wheel, Banishment was made whole. In its original form, it was a magic blade which scalped on any killing blow.

After Rebecca Silver used Banishment to slay Pathos in our time, she gave the blade to The Silver Queen (Pathos' wife), to travel back in time and slay him there. Upon completing her task, the Silver Queen buried the sword for the heroes of the Realms to find in their own time.

Banishment is now simply a magical blade.

A note on safety: Banishment should never be brought into direct contact with any artifact of the Wheel. Doing so places your life and your soul in immediate, unreparable danger.
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