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This commentary text is not meant to be malicious-sounding, but what *did* the kingdom of Chimeron do in this case? All of the Khao Ossrim are near extinct except for one, who has shed his bonds with kith and kin and looks to Aurora, the sun (and the biggest ball of flame he's ever known) for answers. Does Chimeron know what happened to the members of House Flame & Water? In whose mind rest the answer to this story? Doesn't anyone think it strange that they show up, claim a large piece of the Realms for their own, it becomes destroyed, and soon they are gone? Where did they go? Are they alive or dead? If you know, would you speak of it here? - Sir Iawen Penn, KoEF
Posted by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 02-17-10 03:36 PM