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Breaking of the Alliance

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 4/18/1008
Responses: no
Unto Chimeron and all that would hear.

Based on the situation at hand, we do by consider our treaty with the Khae Ossrim null, void and broken and will not be bound by it.

Based on the threat that has come down upon us and on the innocents we have taken in, all members of the Khae Ossrim that reside in the lands of Pax Tharkus shall be taken into protective custody and be brought to secure locations.

All members of the Khae Ossrim that value their lives should report to Pax Tharkus for protection.

Any member found outside the protection zones and within Chimeron and its countries will be detained by any force necessary without question.

Chimeron will continue working with the members of the Khae Ossrim to understand their history and all the information they have to aid in combating this foe.

All members of the Khae Ossrim outside of Chimeron are urged to come and be with their people, who are in need of your leadership. It will also allow us to work in closer quarters and with greater speed if you do so.

So far we have seen no evidence to the contrary of selective and conscious decisions to defy the will of Justari and in bringing harm, intentional or unintentional, to our people. Chimeron is directed to treat the Khae Ossrim as they see fit be they outside of our protection.

It is the the Hope of Chimeron that this threat will be removed swiftly and the suspicion and accusations against the people of the Khae Ossrim will be resolved.

Death Before Dishonor,
King Sir Pyr Darkwillow
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